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And here it comes! SAP Lumira 1.20 is coming to you very shortly. Those of you who are attending SAP TechEd and D-Code in Las Vegas might already be having a taste of this release.

This release cost me some donuts and muffins for the developers.  When I look back, I should have doubled the amount of sugar-high bribe. I had a lot of fun with exciting enhancements they delivered in just over a month since Lumira 1.19 release. Imagine how many more features we would get if I doubled the sugar rush.

Here are some highlights of what you can expect to see in this release.

0 1.20 overview.PNG

Lumira Desktop has been supporting 8 languages for quite some time now.  In this release we add Polish to the list and support all 9 languages to Lumira Server and Lumira Cloud making sure Lumira harmoniously works as one product.  If you would like to see more languages supported in Lumira, please visit Language support category in Idea Place.

1 1.20 simple.PNG

Lumira 1.20 supports a few additional ways to format your numbers.  Continuing from 1.19, you can now add hyperlinks to more objects in your stories and jump to a page within the story.

2 1.20 business agility.PNG

This release supports conditional formatting of data in the table control. You can highlight, bold, italicize, or change the fonts depending on the rules you defined. Today I used this feature to review the ideas from Idea Place that have more than 15 votes.

3 1.20 trust.PNG

You will find various other improvements throughout the product. We hope you enjoy Lumira 1.20 and look forward to hearing your experience. At the current pace of delivery, we are tracking to have another release before the year end.

Have a great week!


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  1. Former Member

    Hello, I have a problem upgrading 1.18.0 Build 1096 – I always get a message (attached)and regardless of whether I choose resume or not, it is not updating the application. Any ideas what to do?

    Thanks22-10-2014 10-51-30.png

    1. Former Member Post author

      Hmm I have not run into that before. I would recommend try uninstalling manually and then installing the latest version.

      If the problem persists, I would recommend submitting a ticket with installation log file. It sounds like something is hanging in the background.

      1. Former Member

        Hi Sharon,

        The table behavior is great for conditional formatting !!

        BTW, will you implement this solution to other chart type? (I think point chart should be mandatory because we could show the result in infographic chart directly)

        Best regards

        Alex yang

        1. Former Member Post author

          Hi Alex

          Glad you like it. We plan to support conditional formatting in charts including numeric charts in the future. I saw an entry in Idea Place for Numeric Chart.  It will go through our regular review cycle and be picked up after the voting minimum is reached.


      1. Former Member

        Hi Pranitha Kedambady Shivappa,

        Thank you for your reply,

        I found a solution to, i had  to delete this Folder:


        Best Regards,

        Nawid Sayed

          1. Former Member


            Just updated to 1.20 but my old visualization are not opening, it showing three blue dots running…

            And even after creating new one same thing happening.

            I dint found the this folder name AppData to delete.



  2. Former Member

    it’s nice to see that SAP Lumira 1.20 came up with conditional and exceptions formatting which is supported by SAP Bex Suite.

    This feature gave one more reason to go for this product.



  3. Former Member


    Really looking forward for the drill down functionality on charts to multiple level down on the story board this will help to showcase the data from top level to bottom four level down on four different chart.

    My users are expecting this features on the storyboard.




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