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Manager Self Service: MSS view for position select and search from entire Organizational Unit

Scenario:            Manager, able to Select or Search Position from Entire Organization Structure while creating requisition request. In Standard, Manager See only those Organizational units which Reports to his Organizational unit. If, requirement is Manager could be able to see Entire Organization Structure (from root Organization Structure) and select or search position from any org unit, we need to configure OADP ‘Organizational structure Views’.

Normally, in E-REC MSS Recruiter Raise requisition request and is able to see entire organizational structure. But Our requirement is Recruiter need not to raise requisition request. So HR Manager has to raise requisition request. So for HR manager system shows only reporting organizational units and thus not able to select position or search position from entire Organizational structure.


We have provided two custom View’s with which one can able to see entire Organizational Units and restrict these views for other managers through Web Dynpro application.

With below step by step OADP configuration we have added two custom Views i.e. for Position search and Select from Entire Organizational Units

  Position Selection.png

Go to: SIMG_SPORT Transaction


IMG PATH: Personnel Management –> Manager Self Service à Object and data provider –> Define Rules for Object Selection.

Rule: For Navigational Objects.

·        In this rule to get all the organizational units under root organizational unit in the Navigational area we need to use this Evaluation path with required Depth.



Rule: For Position Search

·        This rule we use in Object Selection that we need to passes to Parameter Group.



Rule: To fetch Root Organization Units

·        In standard process to get root object we use SAP_MANG evaluation path which returns current organizational unit. But our requirement is to display entire organizational structure so we can achieve this by using function module or custom evaluation path that returns Top most Root Organizational unit.


    This Function Module is copied from standard function module HRWPC_PATHROOTS and importing User name and returning Root Organization Unit for that Username.


Rule: (Target Objects) To fetch Positions against Organizational units.

·        Mainly we use this rule to get all the positions against the organizational unit and display the positions in Data Views.



IMG PATH: Personnel Management –> Manager Self Service –> Object and data provider –> Define Object Selection.

    Object Selection for ‘Select Position Search from Organizational Unit’.

·              In this Object selection we passes three rules i.e. SOHAR_ROOT, ZSOHAR_NAV, ZSOHAR_TGT.

SOHAR_ROOT- Returns the root organizational unit.

ZSOHAR_NAV- Returns the Organizational units under Root organizational unit.

ZSOHAR_TGT- Returns positions against organizational units.


Object Selection for ‘Position Search from Entire Organizational Unit’.

·        For position search we need to define two Object selection i.e. ZSOHAR_POS_SRCH and ZSOHAR_PS_PRM

ZSOHAR_POS_SRCH we pass to View (Position Search).

ZSOHAR_PS_PRM we pass to Parameter Group.


Object Selection for ‘Select Position Search from Organizational Unit’ passed to Parameters for Object search.

  • In this object selection we are using Rule: ZSOHAR_ROOT which returns the root organizational unit and ZSOHAR_POS_SRCH which returns staff assignments along with organizational structure (required for position search).
  • This Object Selection we pass to Parameter Group and that parameter group we will pass to Class that is defined in object selection for position search ZSOHAR_POS_SRCH.


IMG PATH: Personnel Management –> Manager Self Service –> Object and data provider –> Group Parameters for Object Search.

Here we have to give Object Selection which is having Root Objects and Target objects and this Parameter group, System will pass to class that we already mentioned in Object Selection ZSOHAR_POS_SRCH.


IMG PATH: Personnel Management –> Manager Self Service –> Object and data provider –> Define Organizational Structure View.

View: For Position Search


View: To Select Position from ‘Sohar Entire Organizational View’.


IMG PATH: Personnel Management –> Manager Self Service –> Object and data provider –> Group Organizational Structure View.

Here we have added two custom views to search and select position from entire organization unit.


Can provide help for any other scenarios related to OADP Configuration. Feel free to ask 🙂


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  • kapil jhanji

    Hi Kapil

    I have requirement where client needs only VACANT position to be seen while creation of requisition via MSS. VACANT position should be seen for the direct reporting of manager for that Org unit.

    Can you please help me with it... We are working on this since ages still we could not close it.



    • it is available already check properly once again  u can see that positions who are occupied with names in blue color as well as vacant positions also

    • Hi Khalid;

      As mentioned by Jwala; standard will display both the positions occupied as well as vacant. But if requirement is to display Vacant positions only, write function module that will fetch only Vacant positions and assign to Target objects. Let root and navigational be SAP_MANG and ORGEH_T respectively.

      Plz let me know for any further required details.


      Kapil Jhanji;

      • Hi Kapil ,

        I have a requirement in which i have to display the organization units of a manager and the employees who report to the same manager . So would you help me in doing this. I am newly working on this requirement and need your advise on the same.