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CRM-BI Integration (Account Factsheet)

There are 11 BW blocks in the Account Fact Sheet.Each BW block has a unique BI report ID.


BI report ID

Last Closed Activities


Account Classification


Account Revenue (Graph)


Account Revenue (Table)


Sales Pipeline




Service Overview


Top 5 Products for Previous 12 Months


Customer Service


Customer Attributes


Expiring Service Contract Items


Defining the BI reports in the Customizing System

  • Launch the Transaction CRMC_UI_BI in the customizing system.

Define the all the 11 BI reports…


Defining the Assignment Blocks of the Account Fact Sheet overview

  • Open the transaction SM34 and enter the View Cluster name as BSPVC_DLC_FS and click on Display.
  • Select the BP_ACCOUNT_FACTSHEET and double click on View Assignment


  • Click on the Change icon and maintain the View Assignments. The assignments that are maintained in this View will display
    as assignment blocks in Account Fact Sheet overview.

Maintaining the Account Fact Sheet overview configuration.

The Framework provides a component for the Account Fact Sheet overview configuration.

The Views that have been maintained in the BSPVC_DLC_FS view cluster under the Fact Sheet ID BP_ACCOUNT_FS
will be available in the configuration of the Framework component BSP_DLC_FS.
Hence they can be configured in the configuration of the BSP_DLC_FS/factsheet view of the BSP_DLC_FS component.

  • Open the Component BSP_DLC_FS in the development system.
  • Open the view BSP_DLC_FS/factsheet
  • Go to the configuration of that view.
  • Select Fact Sheet as “Account Fact Sheet” and Role Key as “<DEFAULT>”
  • Click on Continue.


  • For the BW assignment blocks select the BI Report views from the Available Fact Sheet views and move it to the Assigned
    Fact Sheet Views. One view can be assigned multiple times with different Title.
    For the 11 BW blocks the BI Report has to be moved to the Assigned Fact Sheet
    Views 11 times with each having different Title


  • Click on the Show Technical Details button to display the technical details and make not of the Usage Counter of every block.


Maintaining the Configuration of BW views in BP_FACTSHEET view

The BP_FACTSHEET component is the Account Fact Sheet component.

  • Open the Component BP_FACTSHEET
  • Open the view BP_FACTSHEET/BIReportProxy
  • Go to the Configuration of the view BP_FACTSHEET/BIReportProxy.
  • The configuration of the view is provided by the Framework
  • For each of the BW view one configuration needs to be created with the following parameters

      Role Key =

Usage = Concatenation of BP_FACTSHEET and the Usage Counter of the Block in the configuration of BSP_DLC_FS component

(e.g. Component usage for Last Closed Activities = BP_FACTSHEET0010)

Object Type = BP_ACCOUNT_FS

Object Sub Type = <DEFAULT>

  • Once the configuration is created click on the Attributes button on the configuration.


  • Enter the REPID as the BI Report ID of the corresponding BW view
  • Enter the ADDPARAMETER as the String &filter_iobjnm_1=&1&filter_value_1=&2&filter_iobjnm_2=&3&filter_value_2=&4

Here &1 is the name and &2 is the value of the first input parameter of the BI report.

The string will vary depending on the number of the input parameters of the corresponding BI report.e.g. for a BI report that takes 3 input parameter the
string will be &filter_iobjnm_1=&1&filter_value_1=&2&filter_iobjnm_2=&3&filter_value_2=&4&filter_iobjnm_3=&5&filter_value_3=&6


Same procedure needs to be followed for all the other BW views.


Passing the input parameter value to the BI reports

  • Go to the IF_EX_BSP_DLC_FS~GET_BI_REP_PARAMETER method of the Enhancement Implementation BP_FACTSHEET  of the BAdI BSP_DLC_FS_BADI


In this method the code has to be written in order to pass the value of the parameters to the BI reports of the Account Fact Sheet overview.

This method has been called in the INIT_BI_CONTEXT method of the controller class of the component controller of the BP_FACTSHEET component.

Now inside this BADI a new when clause has to be maintained for the case statement which will pass the input parameters for the newly created BI Report.

Here below mentioned is the sample implementation for that:

Suppose you have a BI report which accepts just one filter parameter, then in the configuration you will maintain it as the string given below:


First one ‘ &1’ is the parameter name on the BI report and the ‘&2’ second one is the parameter value that we need to pass into the report.

BI repoRt name should be replaced with your report name.

will have the string maintained in the customizing i.e &filter_iobjnm_1=&1&filter_value_1=&2.

Now just replace &1 with object name and &2 with the value.

Repeat the same if the report has multiple values.

          WHEN ‘BI report name’.
*         first add business partner number to parameters

            REPLACE ‘&1’ IN cv_addparameter WITH ‘0BP_ACTIVIT’.

            REPLACE ‘&2’ IN cv_addparameter WITH lv_bp_id.

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member


      Thank you for your summary and this very nice HowTo.

      I am somehow not able to assign a view to the Factsheet multiple times. Once I move the "Available Fact Sheet Views" BP_FACTSHEET/BIReport to the "Assigned Fact Sheet Views" the view is no longer available.

      If I try to add the view BP_FACTSHEET/BIReport multiple times to my fact sheet id in the view cluster BSPVC_DLC_FS I have to differentiate the entries by the inboundplug.

      Do you have a special system setting or how can you have this multiple entries at a time?

      Best regards,


      Author's profile photo Kacper Koralewski
      Kacper Koralewski


      I have the same issue. Could anyone reply to this ?

      I have few custom Z-reports and want to display 2-3 of them on the account factsheet. But I can only add one BI Report.


      Kacper Koralewski