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Why FICO continues to enchant me?

Before I begin to pen down my thoughts today, let me first thank the community for catapulting me to the Topic Leader position yet again for 2014. This time it is bit more special to have been recognized in all the three forums of SAP Financials, something I could never dream of.

My sincere and humble thanks to all of you for the same!!

Through this Blog, I dont intend to project FI/CO as the BEST module for any one to choose. Career path is what one should choose based on their skill set, academic background and interests.

When I date back my memories towards the end of 2005, when I was developing frustration for the stationary office job and at the same time developing interest towards my new learning (SAP) as an end user, the only two thoughts that  used to come to make a career shift into SAP implementations are

1. It would help me into a continuous learning process, as you would always face new clients, new business, new people, new industry and hence new set of challenges. In short, a change happening in your life almost every year

2. For the fun of traveling places

I will be precisely honest in admitting that I had no idea then what SAP career can offer me, what would be my future in this newly chosen area of interest. I never planned my career that ways. But I knew at the core, I would give it my 100% and was sure enough that I would enjoy it to the core.

Today, after trying myself for more than 8 years in this SAP industry, I can say I still love it. Not because it is my bread-and-butter, but because I love loving it.

I love it because I was able to shift my learning left and right – I have been one of those fortunate souls who have seen the business processes of the Supplier as well as the Customer.

I love it because I was precisely able to fulfill the reason no. 1 – I have been part of implementations in a different Industry every time, something that gives you a very good perspective of the things. (Reason no. 2 still remains a dream largely unfulfilled, but no regrets!!)

I love it because being in consulting gives you a rare chance of designing the things (in our case, designing the systems / business processes) rather than adopting / following the things designed by someone else

I love it for the euphoria it gives whenever you discover something new and/or apply the knowledge of few stand alone concepts to arrive at a business solution of some other problem

I wont hesitate in saying that my love for SAP technical side is not going to die down any sooner, something that is often construed against you in today’s world for not getting into managerial roles. But for me, listening to my heart is more important, as that is where the passion comes from.

Now when I hear about the new developments (Simple Finance) that are going to be the future – next, I wish I could go back to my SAP implementation days, once again spending days and nights to learn something new and re-live that thrill once again. The best part of my career was spent learning SAP FI/CO !!

My friends often taunt me for working without tea/coffee and I counter them by saying I recharge myself with Solar Energy. But the truth is learning something new or delivering the tasks without wasting a single possible minute is what gives me the kick from within. And most importantly, in the process of it, share what you have learned and touch lives!

As I said earlier, the intention is not to influence anyone’s career-choices, but to tell what any chosen SAP career path can offer you, if you give it what it takes.

I wish all the readers a Very Happy Diwali. May the festival bring light and happiness to your lives!!

Best Regards,

Ajay Maheshwari

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  • Hi Ajay

    Your blog is really inspiration for all of us. I think every SAP consultant
    is a hero in itself. Everyone's journey will tell us something new to learn.


    Thanks for your encouraging blog. Hope one day I will also write the same kind of blog but now many more things needs to be learn before that.


    Manoj J

  • Hi Ajay,

    Congratulations on being Topic Leader in all the forums.

    You contribution is immense and very helpful when we get our queries answered by you.

    Hoping your second dream also gets fulfilled.

    Happy Diwali to you and all our fellow members.



  • Hi Ajay

    your blogs really encourage and motivates me.. your passion to SAP FICO bought you these accolades.. its true with passion and love for something we can achieve what we desire..

    congratulation for being topic leader.

    Thanks a lot for sharing such an inspirational thoughts of your.. i am learning loads from you and look forward to get your inspiration in coming future also..



  • Hi Ajay

    Your success & growth has always been inspirational. I truly have the pleasure of knowing you from IBM days and look forward to your guidance any time and day.


    Sanil Bhandari

  • Dear all,

    A Splendid and sparkling Diwali advances to SAP Family, members one and all.

    Hi Ajay,

    Advanced Diwali wishes to you as well !!!

    It's not only a aspiration that I sum up from your "PASSION", but the consistent dedication and devotion, especially the perception as a approach what it can make from then to the near future.

    Mention not though it's routinely repeated, the only buzz word LOVE towards what you do can do or take to heights no matter the inputs but at a halt, when we or our co-companions look back it's not that growth we look at, but from where we have started and the understanding we have overall also still set to go things.

    To understand, SAP gives a career for sure, but what is the contribution that we really do or add to it is really what matters, because it's only the heart which speaks and often interacts than before  we say something starting "I", so the case it's not what i am doing for myself, but what it should take to in turn add things to my heart is which matters.

    It's not the I that adds the value, it's the heart when it diligently obliges to take few ventures in one's career they'll eventually become either closer or have been par the boundaries or fences of platforms like SAP.

    I Believe and do follow the aspect of "Unconditional Learning" no matter every time you have to begin again, it's not really in how we begin, but how we proceed and perform and understand that as a new beginning.

    The first and foremost lesson I am still in is, love to learn by contributing no matter whether you get the points, appraisals, bonus or something else. Yes definitely it's a worth thing that one should also look at perks after a while from fresher to a consultant level, but it's not at what i should be looking but beyond if and only if learning should be/is my priority.

    It makes sense, when we study and clear a exam - we have cleared it by some inputs, but what if you start erasing boundaries that you have set to go through unconditionally will definitely make you something special from one area to the multifaceted professional.

    Well again there might be many things defining about Passion, to me it's understood through roots that it's PERENNIAL no matter whether you conquer or achieve success.

    Ajay, It's a heartfelt wish and greet that i would do that you always share it what it takes to learn for newbies like me. It's not that i am expecting a contribution but your presence and more than that aspirational-supplements like your "PASSION", "APPROACH", "PERCEPTION" does add a lot to our learning Paradigm.

    It's seldom Motivation but doth it's a action left for me/all to proceed further, which is the worth of this contribution !!!

    Thank You So much Ajay !!!

    Regards : Karthikeya

  • Hi Ajay,

    "I wont hesitate in saying that my love for SAP technical side is not going to die down any sooner, something that is often construed against you in today's world for not getting into managerial roles"

    The above lines shows how much you love SAP and your passion towards the same...

    You are really true inspiration for many sap consultants.... There are certain people who cannot be replaced like sachin in Cricket.. Fedrer in Tennis.. I would say you belongs to such class....

    I would like to ask you onevthing that how would you approach while learning a new topic in sap and could you throw more lights on "simple finance"

    Keep sharing your experience and knowledge and thanks for sharing....

    Warm Regards

    Karthikeyan G

  • Hi Ajay,

    Excellent (as usual 🙂 ). I was always worried that you might become a manager and leave consulting. Not that i don't want you to grow in the organizational ranks, but only worried that one exceptionally excellent consultant would we eroded (On a lighter note, a person like me who banks on your answers and help in scn would be in grave danger 😏 ).

    The way you have given a hyperlink to "Diwali",taking into account that you are on a international platform, exemplifies that fact that your are unique and perfect in every facet of life and not just in SAP.

    I wish(pray) that you i could get a chance to work under you on some projects 🙂 . May be when you do a simple finance project

    Thanks & Regards

    Surya Varma