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What CSR volunteering means to me, and why I do it.

I joined SAP Labs India in January’ 2006 and that was the time when I came to realize that what impact an organization can make on a society by contributing to CSR initiatives. After I joined one of the events I realized that there are lot of different issues for different set of people which is not just monetary, rather they are related to an emotional front.

It has been an amazing journey in past 8 years being a part of all these CSR activities. I have learned some truths and facts of the life from the experiences shared by people whom I meet during these CSR activities. I have come across various incidences which have impacted my life to a great extent.

I remember visiting an old age home, spending one full day with these people and when I was leaving from their premise, one of the old lady stood up and asked with shivering voice “Aap kal phir aaoge na?” (You will again come tomorrow, Right??). Her eyes were like, please say “Yes”!, and I was standing still, completely speechless and had tears in my eyes. I realized they don’t have very big expectations from people visiting their places. They have literally very small wishes like, “they want to smile”, “they want someone with whom they can talk”, “someone who can listen to them”, “who can have lunch & breakfast with them” and so on..

This is not just the case with old people, many a times I visit orphanage schools, some steer kids’ organization and it is amazing to see the kind of talent these kids have. I can bet that these kids can compete with children studying in private schools. They are so good in grasping new things, most of them having some unique talent and it’s hard to believe that despite the fact that they are deprived of most of those amenities which kids of higher society have, they are doing wonders in their respective areas.

I have seen what difference we can make to the lives of these people when I have examples like one of these kid groomed, supported by SAP who has completed his school education and cleared the 12th standard with 1st division. Now he is studying in an engineering college and doing wonders there. I knew this kid from the age of 13 years and he was once of those kids who have worked really hard to come out of his usual lives and have excelled in his life with a little support from people like us and organizations like SAP.

Every time I meet new set of such people, it is more of learning for me rather than for them. All of them are so inspiring in their own way. I wonder what if we all can join together and pledge to own just one of these amazing talents. Just imagine what kind of an impact we all can make to their life and even to this complete society. Think of a situation where we helped one of these kids to become an engineer, a doctor rather than a person who is getting involved in some illegal activities to feed himself and his family.

When we think about the kind of society we will give our children; then we also have a responsibility to work for a change which we want to see in this society. And for doing these CSR activities is one of the medium to achieve it.

For me now doing CSR activities have become an integral part of my life. I love spending time with these people. It’s an amazing feeling when you realize that few hours out of your busy schedule can bring smiles on their faces. There is always an excitement to meet these kids, these old people along with a fear of those difficult questions.

To say it precisely “I FEEL COMPLETE WITH THEM”!!

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