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Triggering Process chain after completion of ECC Delta Extraction Job


This scenario of triggering process chains after completion source system (ECC) delta Extraction job would be very useful when we are using FI-CA, Logistics (MCEX) related extractions. These extractions require updating delta queue first before the BW delta job run and we cannot also predict when would be the Delta queue update job finishes.

In this regards, please follow the guide below for detail steps of triggering of process chain after source system delta queue job completion.

Detailed Steps


Create an event in BW in SM64, t-code.

Triggering - 1.jpg


Create a remote function module (FM), SE37 in BW and provide the event name created in STEP 1.

I use method “RAISE” in class “CL_BATCH_EVENT”.

For Ex: Remote FM for Invoice.

Triggering - 2.jpg

ABAP Code for the Remote Function Module:

DATA: eventid TYPE TBTCJOBeventid.


CALL METHOD cl_batch_event=>raise
= eventid
*    i_eventparm                    =
*    i_server                       =
*    i_ignore_incorrect_server      = ‘X’
*    excpt_raise_failed             = 1
*    excpt_server_accepts_no_events = 2
*    excpt_raise_forbidden          = 3
*    excpt_unknown_event            = 4
*    excpt_no_authority             = 5
*    others                         = 6
IF sysubrc <> 0.
* Implement suitable error handling here
WRITE: sysubrc.


Create a program (SE38) in source system (ECC) to call the function module created in STEP 2.

Triggering - 3.jpg

ABAP Code for the program to trigger FM:


(10) TYPE C.


Above program is a general program to call any of the remote FM in target system (BW) from source system (ECC). As this is a program used to call FMs in remote system, we must mention target system. So, there is a parameter for Target has to be placed in program.


Create a variant (SE38) for the program created in STEP 3.

For Ex: Based on the example above, let’s take invoice extraction. So, using FM created for invoice in STEP 2, created a variant.

Triggering - 4.jpg


After creation of Event, remote FM to trigger the event and the program to call FM. Now, it’s time to create a variant for respective Extraction program.

Find the respective program to schedule the ECC Delta Extraction job and create a variant as per your requirement.

For Ex:

Kindly go through my document for Scheduling FI-CA related Delta Extraction for FI-CA related extraction.

In case of FI-CA Invoice Extraction, we use the program “RFKK_MA_SCHEDULER” and I created a variant name as “BW_INV_EXTR”.

Triggering - 5.jpg

Save the variant values and attributes.


Now, every require object created main event start which is crucial.

In this step, go to SM36, create a batch job as below.

  1. Create a job, name as per your project naming convention.

Triggering - 6.jpg

     b. Press Enter, then select “ABAP Program” and provide the Name of your extraction program and Variant which you have created in STEP 5.

For ex: “RFKK_MA_SCHEDULER”, for FI-CA related extraction and variant created earlier.

User name as “ALEREMOTE” or “BWREMOTE” or any other background user.

Triggering - 7.jpg

Then click SAVE. It looks as below.

Triggering - 8.jpg


Now, step for triggering remote FM inturn triggering respective procress chain program has to be added.

  1. Go to STEP menu, then click on create.

                    Triggering - 9.jpg
     b. Now, after selecting the ABAP program in the next screen, provide the Name as the program name which is created to trigger the remote FM           and variant for your specfic FM triggering as per STEP 3 & 4.

                    Triggering - 10.jpg

After saving will look as below:

Triggering - 11.jpg


While saving the job in SM36, system will ask to schedule the job for specific start date/time and period values.

Scheduling - 6.jpg

Based on the project requirement this job can be schedule for a specific start date/time and frequency like 2hours or 4hours or 6hours etc.

The above detailed steps will fetch easiness in achieving the scenario of triggering the process chain after completion of ECC delta queue job.

Please provide you valuable feedback.

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      Good document with step by step .  Thanks Ravi 🙂

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      Excellent document Ravi.....It is very useful document for whoever is working on FI Extraction......

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      It is very useful document Ravi....