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  1. Jobi Sebastian

    You put things in a positive manner here.

    But ask me, if I was a company producing vaccines and drugs, I would have wanted Ebola to spread and reach a point when all are scared of it. Then I can sell my vaccine at the price I put/ i can sell large volume and churn up big profit.

    So,thats the  business sense.

    if i was in any other busness, And loss to my  business, only if it spreads to my market. and my market is asia, europe or america, and never Africa.

    Thats the fact and reality in business, which is really Bad

    1. Former Member Post author

      Jobi – Thanks for the comment. Here’s my view on this. Incidents like these provide an organization to gain ‘exponential success’. Companies spend millions on activities like CSR, Sustainability etc. Those investments could best be utilized here. The amount of goodwill that they could generate is tremendous. Apart from this, they have an opportunity to work together with Govts., such favours could easily be traded for financial incentives in different ways – Tax exemptions, entry into new markets, access to research, academia etc. In the entire process an opportunity to establish themselves as thought leaders, community leaders, engage with a wider audience. There might be new business opportunities that opens up! This is why I used the term exponential success. You may not win profits in one go, but what you achieve in small portions on a continuous basis, will far outweigh the one time benefit. Call it the ‘Network Effect’.

      1. Jobi Sebastian

        Hi suresh, You are absolutely correct. If atall the decision makers of a company have such social commitment and insight.  Companies have CSR. then I donno if any company would take up a huge investment project as part of CSR, and again the decision making is always by the individuals – the CEO, MD and the CFO. So thats how it goes..

        Just for an example, cholera is a disease which kills 1000 around the world every year. At present there are no good vaccines available for it even though some are available, they are not been prescribed efficeiently. The simple reason is the target market and the ROI. Dont forget the H2N thing few yrs back. The vaccine business is not that simple, its a very big Game.

        This is just for argument sake. Anyways your views are good. 🙂


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