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System Monitoring – Troubleshooting Grey Metrics


Now a days SAP Solution Manager is widely used for Automated and Proactive monitoring of SAP and non-SAP systems. Once you setup Systems Monitoring under Technical Monitoring of Solution Manager, it should get correct monitoring data from the Managed System for the Metrics Activated in monitoring Templates.

Sometimes it does not get/show monitoring data for the Metrics in the Technical Monitoring Workcenter, those metrics remains Gray and hence no Alerts can be calculated or generated for Gray metrics.

Causes of Gray Metrics

There could be multiple reasons for data not populating in the System Monitoring. To name a few,

  • Diagnostic or Host Agent has some issue
  • Extractor is not working properly
  • Some application error
  • Issue in data collection.
  • SAP bug.

Troubleshooting Tools

· System Monitoring Workcenter

If any of the metric does not represent data in the System Monitoring workcenter, first of all start troubleshoot it from workcenter itself.

Go to System Monitoring workcenter -> Select system which has gray metrics.

Click on the small arrow near the Metric name and click on “Check Data Collection” as shown in the figure.


This will check if any issue for Data Collection of a selected metric. It will check each step and will show their statuses, click on /wp-content/uploads/2014/10/image1_567893.png to know more about the error. It will give you option to directly go into the troubleshooting tool by clicking on /wp-content/uploads/2014/10/image2_567912.png.


· RCA Tool

RCA is very important tool provided in SolMan for Troubleshooting different kind of issues.

If a particular Metric does not have data in Systems Monitoring, then check it should first represent in the RCA tool as and when the Managed System configuration is completed correctly for that system.

Hence check that System/Metric data in RCA tool.

Go to RCA workcenter -> Go to E2E Analysis / Host Analysis / Database Analysis / Exception Management depending on the metric to troubleshoot.

For example to check Log Archiving enabled data populating in RCA.

Go to Database Analysis -> Select System -> Database -> Logs

Check Log Read/Write is enabled.



· Agent Admin

Some Metric data get sent by Agents running on Managed system Hosts, those Metrics data will not be available If Diagnostic Agent or Host Agent is not running or connected to SolMan.

Hence check the Availability of the Agents and their logs if any errors.

Go to Solution Manager Administration workcenter -> Infrastructure -> Framework -> Agent Framework -> Agent Admin

Or open URL = http(s)://<SolMan Hostname>:<port>/smd/AgentAdmin

Check the Status of the affected Host in the Connected Agents list


Check Non-authenticated Agents as well.

Check the Status of Host Agent in the “SAP Host Agent” tab.

To check the log entries, go to “Agent Log Viewer” tab.

Select the Agent by Hostname and Start Log Viewer.


Restart the respected Agent if required.

· Check Extractors

Check if extractors are working properly.

Go to Solution Manager Administration workcenter -> Infrastructure -> Framework -> Extractor/Alerting Framework

Check if extractors related to the affected System have any issue, check the log messages.



Finally, to troubleshoot it within application log and extractors log, use one of the important transaction MAI_TOOLS.

There are different options available for troubleshooting.


First get the details about 32 characters Metric ID and Managed Object ID, to execute Metric Troubleshoot, Metric-Event-Alert Details and PULL_RFC check.

Go to -> Alerting Directory Browser


For example, select specific Instance (SAP/DB/Host), it will show monitoring metrics enabled.

Select the Metric and go to others tab.


Note down Metric ID and Managed Object ID.

Go to MAI_TOOLS main screen, click on Metric Troubleshoot


Provide Managed Object and Metric ID.


It will give you where is the issue or asks you to check application log.


Go to MAI_TOOLS main screen, click on ”Metric, Event, Alert Details”

It will give details of data captured frequency and logs.

Go to MAI_TOOLS main screen, click on ”Check PULL_RFC Metrics”

You can see whether PULL_RFC has received any data for the Metric.

As an input either enter Metric and Managed Object ID or give Data Provider name.


Event calculation engine can also be restarted from Configuration tab of the MAI_TOOLS.

Click on “Activate Expert Mode” to get more options.


For more details, please refer to these URL.

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      System Monitor in HANA studio provides an overview of all your HANA system at a glance.

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