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SAP Payroll control center add-on – What’s new in HR Renewal 2.0 Feature Pack 2?

Hello payroll guru’s and SAP evangelists,

In previous posts I have updated you on the new SAP Payroll Processing control center add-on functionality and about the completely new user experience for the SAP Payroll Processing which was delivered in the first feature pack. In this post I will explain the new functionality in the second feature pack (FP2) for HR Renewal 2.0.

What’s new?

New 3rd Party Remittance functionality

The first main feature I would like to update you on is the completely new 3rd party remittance functionality. For most organizations the 3rd party remittance is a complex process that consists of a number of single steps to follow in order to complete the workflow. The new functionality in the control center add-on supports and increases the insight into this process .

In the following example the 3rd party remittance process consist of 3 process steps:

  1. Create the posting;
  2. Release it;
  3. Post it to the 3rd party.

The following mock-ups will highlight the functionality.

The payroll process manager has a clear overview of the process and can start the process directly from the calendar view:

Pic 1.jpg

When a payroll process manager drills into the details of a specific 3rd party remittance process a dedicated process flow is displayed:

Pic 2.jpg

The first step is to create the 3rd party posting. The screen provides an overview of the period and the company code for which the 3rd party remittance post should be created.

Pic 3.jpg

After the creation of the document it can be released and the payroll information will be generated immediately from the payroll process. For the payroll process manager information on the posting run is added in the control center add-on.

Pic 4.jpg

The new 3rd party remittance functionality complements the SAP Payroll Processing control center add-on with vital functionality to run e.g. North American payrolls completely on the new user interfaces.

New yellow status indicator for Payroll Administrator and Payroll Process Manager

In order to increase the efficiency of working with the SAP Payroll Processing control center add-on we received vital feedback from our customers about the requirement for a process status for items that are in process.In FP2 this functionality is added. Next to the error (circle icon in red) and no error (square icon in green) the new ‘in process’ (triangle icon in yellow) item completes the status overview for payroll process managers. They now have full overview of the workload for their payroll administrators that are working on evaluating potential payroll issues.

The following screenshot displays the payroll process manager dashboard. It indicates that Nick is in process of working on 10 errors, Fiona has 7 open errors and Bingjian does not have any potential errors in the work list which need evaluation.

Pic 5.jpg

For the payroll administrator the functionality works in the following way: As soon as a payroll administrator starts to evaluate a potential issue which is contained in more than one work list they have the ability to set a new status ‘Set to Correction in Process’ to indicate that they start to evaluate this work item. This status is visible to other administrators so that they can skip it. When the payroll administrator finishes the evaluation the status can be changed to ‘Set to Correction Finished’. See the following screenshot.

Pic 6.jpg

Extended Action Log for Payroll Process Manager

In Feature Pack 2 the payroll process manager receives an extended action-log to visualize the data correction status of all the payroll work lists. This functionality allows the payroll process manager to get a detailed understanding of all corrections that are made by the payroll administrators in their respective work lists.

Pic 7.jpg

Action-Log Viewer

For auditing departments there is a new and comprehensive overview into the complete payroll process. This is provided by the new ‘action-log viewer’ which provides a complete overview into the payroll process. The following screenshots shows a snap shot:

Pic 8.jpg

The log allows auditors to answer questions on who did what in the process, when they did that and what was included. This functionality is added on top of the logging functionality which is part of the control center add-on screens and it simplifies the way that auditors and payroll controllers can run controls on internal compliance.

What else is new?

To improve the usability of the SAP Payroll Processing control center add-on in FP2 the template configuration functionality is enhanced to allow configurable texts instead of static texts. This enables customers to provide business context and explanation to the payroll process templates which help the payroll process managers to run their payroll with more insight.

And lastly the declustering functionality is now also available for customers that run concurrent employment (first delivery for International payroll, Russia and US). And as you know declustering is foundational for the admin functionality in the control center add-on. So this means that customers can now run evaluations and verifications over their complete workforce!

What are the benefits:

  • Process optimization with integrated 3rd party remittance functionality
  • Increased process efficiency due to improved work distribution capabilities
  • Improved audit capabilities
  • Increased payroll accuracy due to optimized payroll data correction process

How to implement it?

  • The new implementation documentation (including a How-To) is available via SAP Note 2053309
  • More implementation information on HR Renewal FP2 can be found here:

We are planning more innovations being rolled out with the next feature packs. We have very exiting features on the roadmap which might revolutionize the payroll. We will keep you posted on what is coming.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

Best regards,


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      Author's profile photo Marco Jansen
      Marco Jansen

      Hi Frans,

      thanks for the Update.

      When will the feature of StartIng steps in the background be available?

      best regards