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Let the users adjust column width for powerlists


I’m currently working on a project where we had this request and then i searched for it on SCN and found Damean-BF Chen nice post about note  1895959 where it is explained how to do this. So credit really goes to him for finding this

But i thought i would give a little guide on how to do it in a bit more pragmatic way.

As the note correctly explains we need to create a new component configuration for our web dynpro component POWL_UI_COMP. This is the web dynpro component behind all the newer powerlists, that are using the web dynpro application POWL, which we set in transaction PFCG.

So firstly we need to create a new configuration.

Go to transaction SE80 and choose web dynpro comp / intf. and then input the name POWL_UI_COMP

Afterward right click on the POWL_UI_COMP and press create / change configuration

I choose to copy the configuration O2C_POWL_CC

Give your configuration a meaningful name. and save it either to a package or local object.

Now select the confData and and check the checkboxes “FixedTableLayout” and “FINAL” and press save

Afterwards close the internet explorer.

We have now created our component configuration, but we need to link this to our web dynpro application to be able to use it. This is done in an application configuration.

So back to SE80 and expand the web dynpro applications folder. Right click on the application POWL and choose create/change configuration

As i had chosen to copy the component configuration O2C_POWL_CC i then chose to do the same for the application configuration. So i input O2C_POWL_AC and copied that

Save this to a package or local object and then press change.

Here is where we link the application configuration to the component configuration. So mark the line POWL and press Assign Configuration Name.

Search and find your component configuration and press ok. Then it looks like below.

Afterwards we need to set the application configuration for the powerlists. Unfortunately i haven’t found a central way of doing this, so i’ll show for a single powerlist.

Go to transaction PFCG. I chose the role SAP_BPR_BUYER_16 to experiement with. So i copied that and wen’t to change mode.

Expand the folder Buyer and Purchasing documents and doubleclick the powerlist Purchasing documents. Right click and press details

Input your configuration name and your are done

Now save your work and make sure the role is assigned to your user.

Start up NWBC and choose the powerlist we just changed.

Now we can set the width of the columns ourself, just remember to save the layout afterwards, otherwise it will revert.

You can also do this from an admin perspective in the transaction POWL_QUERY by selecting the query name and then adjust the layout globally for all users.

Hope this little guide will help others to achieve this.

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