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  1. Kalle Richert Post author

    I have always liked the orange color and thanks Dallas for your link to Fast Company’s summary. It gave me some good insights to why I tend to like the orange color (even if blue is a nice color as well :))

    Btw, do you really think it’s a bad thing not have an official statement? I kind of like the “guerilla launch”. It creates a lot of buzz and people start to talk about it. We are for example discussing the new brand here on the blog.

    1. Former Member

      A “guerilla launch” certainly will create buzz. Unfortunately for those who work in a customer-facing role, being informed of such a major change by someone outside of the organization can’t really send a great message regarding communication within the company.

  2. Kalle Richert Post author

    Mark, you got a very good point! I had the external audience in mind when I wrote “guerrilla launch”, but you are right, the internal audience might not be a big fan of such a launch and all the buzz around the new logo.

  3. Former Member

    That is interesting.  Thanks for the info Kalle Richert.

    But I notice that this new logo is appearing only in the website of  In other websites of Service Market Place (old & new) and SCN area, it still shows the “classic” logo with blue colour.  Is it that they are switching over to new logo in phased manner.



  4. Former Member

    Yes, we have evolved our logo to signal the transformation
    of our company. The new logo focuses on the essentials and features SAP Gold.
    We’ve been using SAP Gold for years (14+), and we’re excited to bring it into
    our logo. It makes SAP very distinctive among the “sea of blue” logos that
    represent technology companies.

    And yes, the logo was released quietly – to employees and as a
    “soft launch” in advertising in North America. As Kaille points out, for now
    you can see this in our social media channels and on, but expect to
    hear and see more when we launch the logo and brand system more widely in

    -Costanza Tedesco,

    SVP SAP Brand Experience


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