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A take-away “AiE feature” from our last SAP Code Jam event

Last Friday we had the SAP Code Jam event “ABAP on HANA” here in Munich. It took place in combination with the SAP Inside Track event on Saturday.

At the Code Jam event Thomas Alexander Ritter showed us a small little feature in ABAP in Eclipse tools, which was not known very well.

Restrict search for ABAP development objects to object-type

You can use the “Run ABAP application” (shortcut Alt + F8) or “Open ABAP development object” (shortcut Ctrl + Shift + A) functions for searching purpose.

Maybe you just want to search for a specific type of object, maybe a program, transaction, class, and so on…

If no object-type is specified your result list contains all kind of objects – often the max. result count of 50 items is reached and you possibly may not find the object you’re searching for.


But there is a solution for that issue which I did not know.

Just type “type” behind your search term and use Ctrl + space (code completion) and you will receive a list of possible object-types (all ABAP repository object types available):



By starting tipping the list gets closer (Eclipse standard feature) and helps you to find your desired object-type faster. So finally you just have to select the object you had searched for.



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    • Hi Dominik,

      could you please have a look which SP you are working with? Do you get any error messages when you try to work with the "Open ABAP Development Object" dialog?

      Regards, Sebastian

        • Hi Dominik,

          thanks for your reply. I also checked our systems and the object type parameter support isn't there before 7.31 SP14. In earlier SPs (such as yours) you will only be able to use the "normal" Ctrl-Shift-A functionality. You can check that if you try a Ctrl+Space in the dialog's input field. If no 'type' option is listed, it's not (yet) supported.

          The reason for this difference is that in Alt-F8 we could re-use a functionality which was there since the eary times of ABAP in Eclipse, in Ctrl-Shift-A we needed to build a new one in order to ensure sufficient performance.

          Thanks for your understanding and best regards, Sebastian

          • Hi Sebastian,

            thanks a lot for the explanation.

            I did not expect this to work at all in our release and was instead wondering that in Alt-F8 it worked 🙂

            Now I know why, great 🙂

            Best regards,


  • Hi Martin,

    In our backend Netweaver AS ABAP 7.40 SP level 02 this feature works for "Run ABAP Development Object" but not for "Open ABAP Development Object...". We are working on ADT version 2.28.

    Cool feature, thanks for the explanation.

    Best regards,