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How to control toolbar buttons in Entity search for MDG custom objects

This document explains how to control tool bar buttons for e.g. Hiding/Adding buttons in Entity search applications provided for custom objects by SAP by using BADI USMD_SEARCH.

For custom objects or custom data models , SAP has provided following search applications.


10-17-2014 10-19-43 PM.jpg

  USMD_SEARCH(From MDG 7.0):


The above mentioned applications could be generically used for searching the data of all the entities defined in a custom data model.

In both the applications , certain tool bar buttons are pre delivered by SAP.

Sometimes it might be necessary to hide some of the buttons for e.g. Mass Change for all or certain entities of a data model . It might also be needed to add some additional tool bar buttons.

This could be achieved by creating implementation of BADI  USMD_SEARCH and by implementing necessary coding in the method Initialize and Process_Event of the implementing class.

First step is to create an implementation of BADI USMD_SEARCH. The custom data model should be set as a filter criteria


  1. Hiding standard tool bar buttons:

       Hiding tool bar buttons could be achieved manipulating exporting parameter ET_STANDARD_EVENT of method INITIALIZE.

       The tool bar button to be hidden should be passed to field EVENT_ID.  For USMD_ENTITY_SEARCH and USMD_SEARCH , event ids are different.

      Following are the list of standard event ids available for USMD_ENTITY_SEARCH.

    • ALV_FCT_CREATE(Create Button)
    • ALV_FCT_CHANGE(Change Button)
    • ALV_FCT_COPY(Copy Button)
    • ALV_FCT_MASSCHANGE(Mass Change Button)
    • ALV_FCT_CNGDOCS(Change Documents Button)
    • ALV_FCT_WHEREUSED(Where Used Button)

      Following are the list of standard event ids available for USMD_SEARCH

    • NEW(Create Button)
    • COPY(Copy Button)
    • MASS_CHANGE(Mass Change Button)
    • MULTI(Multi-Processing button)
    • CHANGE_DOCS( Change Documents button)
    • REPL_STATUS ( Replication Status button)
    • REPLICATE( Replicate button)

    Visibility could be controlled by passing the following values to field VISIBILITY

    • cl_wd_uielement=>e_visiblenone(01)
    • cl_wd_uielement=>e_visible-visible(02)

    Example implementation:


      With this implementation , tool bar button Mass change would be hidden







    2.  Adding new  tool bar buttons:


        New tool bar buttons could be added by manipulating parameter ET_ADDITIONAL_EVENT of method INITIALIZE.



           Handling of the event triggered by this button could be done in method PROCESS_EVENT


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  • Process entities for ALV_FCT_CHANGE(Change Button) doesn't seem to call every time. Sometimes works fine but the next moment the error -Your user master record does not contain a valid UI configuration - is displayed instead.

    I can't work out why different behaviour from moment to moment. Any ideas?

    Also when I add a button - it runs the code but can't find a webpage - any reason why?

    • Hi Benjamin,

      Regarding the first error , I believe it could be resolved by assigning a configuration to the user in the role

      Could you provide some more details about the second issue?