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Do You Still Need LCRSAPRFC and SAPSLDAPI For Proxy Communication?

Applies To : From SAP ECC 6 EHP5 and SAP PI

This blog explains about the different ways of proxy pre-configurations depending on your SAP ECC system version.From SAP ECC EH5/6 there is an other alternative way to configure the proxy configurations between SAP ECC and SAP PI.

To establish proxy communication ideally we need 2 RFC destinations of type T : LCRSAPRFC and SAPSLDAPI and 1 type H destination. LCRSAPRFC is used to access the exchange profile parameters and SAPSLDAPI is use to access SLD(local SLD or central SLD depending upon the settings in SLDAPICUST).

LCRSAPRFC is obsolete and to access the exchange profile parameters(SAP PI Dual stack) we have the new RFC destination of type G : SAP_PROXY_ESR. Provide the required hostname,port/service no and path prefix as per the below screen.


From the above point it clearly says that we don’t need LCRSAPRFC if you are in EHP5 and higher versions.

To access SLD we need to provide the system details and logon credentials in SLDAPICUST and in this case we have different options available as per the below screen.


Option 1 : When we choose the first option and do a test(SLDCHECK) it will pop up the screen saying SAPSLDAPI destination was not created and cannot access SLD as per below screens however as per recommendations from SAP this is not the option.



Option 2 : In the second option, provide the system details and the logon credentials and do a test connection to SLD. System will take the details which were given here and no additional RFC destination like SAPSLDAPI is not required.This configuration is recommended by SAP.


Option 3 : By selecting this option and click on Config button automatically the RFC destination template SAP_CIM_SRV_XXX_XXX will be created.Provide the required details like service user,password and system details


Its not a hard rule from SAP not to use SAPSLDAPI type T destination.Instead of 2 type T connections now we will have 2 type G if you choose option 3.

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  • Hi Pavan,

    thanks for putting this blog together. I also struggled with what is needed to have proxy communication with EHP 5 / 6+ ABAP Stacks.

    So to wrap things up your suggestion would be having "SAP_PROXY_ESR" and "SAP_CIM_SRV_XXX_XXX" destinations in SM59.

    Did you try SLDCHECK then? AFAIR this should fail then. Did you overcome this or is SLDCHECK simply not updated to the new possibilities in EHP 6+, yet?



    • Jen,

      Thanks for the comments.Yes we need two RFC destinations of type G in SM59.

      Yes SLDCHECK worked for me when i chose the option 3 however it worked only when the pop up comes as per the below screen./wp-content/uploads/2014/10/1_566876.jpg


      whenever we click on the create button (Config) in option 3 the destination template will be created automatically and even though the correct details are provided SLDCHECK fails and ended up with error

      An exception has occurred:

      Exception on SLD server: Operation is not supported: get_objectserver

      This may/can be because of the table entries are not getting refreshed.

      Hope this helps.