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Design Studio SDK (1.3) – In-App Modal Browser Popup

Use Case:

  • You want to open a web page inside your BI Application without opening in a new window or overwriting your BI App state in your current page


I wrote a small Browser Popup Component to help.

Design-Time Properties:

  • URL: URL of Site.  Can also be set at runtime with setURL()
  • Open Method:
    • Modal Browser Dialog – Opens up URL in an embedded IFRAME contained in a modal sap.m.Dialog window.
    • New Window – Does basically the same thing that APPLICATION.newWindow does.
  • Show Button (true/false): By default, you will get a button for this component to launch the URL, however if you’d rather use BIAL to open it via a different component, you can hide it.
  • Button Icon: Icon of Button (optional)
  • Button Text: Text of Button (optional)
  • Button Type: Different styles of sap.m buttons – Details here: (JsDoc Report – SAP UI development Toolkit for HTML5 – API Reference – sap.m.ButtonType)
  • Modal Browser Title: Title of Modal Dialog Box (optional)
  • Modal Browser Icon: Icon for the Modal Dialog Box (optional)
  • Show Modal Browser Title (true/false): Save some screen real-estate by hiding, if you wish.
  • Show Modal Browser Close Button (true/false): Show Close Button to close modal window (Escape key will also close) – Perhaps useful to leave on for Mobile devices (I have NOT tested this in BI Mobile, FYI)
  • Modal Browser Width (CSS px or %): Width of Modal Browser
  • Modal Browser Height (CSS px or %): Height of Modal Browser

BIAL Methods:

  • click() – Used to invoke click method of the button if it’s been set as invisible.  Useful if you want to open the URL from say another component.  (e.g. BUTTON_1 click event could be as follows:);
  • setURL(url) – Sets the URL to be used.
  • getURL() – Gets the URL

And, now some pictures:

Design-Time example:


At runtime, after clicking.  I threw in a link to just to demonstrate how you could link in-app help that may reside elsewhere on a different corporate intranet site:


Also as a second example of how you could potentially use this within your BI Platform, you could possibly use an OpenDocument link and embed/change it depending on the report you want to drill into.  Example BIAL on my LaunchPad tile select event:


And at runtime upon clicking a tile (Real report, enjoy some trippy gaussian blur effect instead 🙂 ):


This has been updated in my Utility Pack that you can download and get source code here:

Design Studio 1.2/1.3 SDK – Design Studio Utility Pack

Have fun!

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