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SAP HANA Cloud Platform for Insurers / Reinsurers

Dear Insurance Community,

here you will find two amazing blogs about the SAP HANA Cloud Platform:

SAP HANA Cloud Platform – Setting the Stage (Part 1)

SAP HANA Cloud Platform – Setting the Stage (Part 2)

…just try it 🙂

HCP offers a set of higher-level services, which provide specialized capabilities as needed for specific scenarios such as:


Best regards



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      Author's profile photo Marino Coletta
      Marino Coletta

      Hello Boris,

      I'm trying to setup an environment for demos and POC's for SAP FS-CD customers that are interested in migration from oracle to SAP HANA.

      I tried SAP HANA INSURANCE by SAP Cloud Appliance Library, but in this solution is not possible create custom objects.

      In SAP INSURANCE there are many mass activity, but are these transactions improved with SAP HANA ?

      Are there some transactions rewrite for HANA database, for example FPO4 transaction or FPL9 transaction?

      Thanks a lot.

      Best Regards


      Author's profile photo BORIS GREVEN
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Marino,

      thanks for your feedback and questions.

      First of all the complete SAP Insurance Suite (incl. FS-CD) is able to run on SAP HANA which does not mean that all our customers alraedy have HANA or every solution runs on SAP HANA - it depends on our customers. With SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud the SAP Insurance Suite or just parts of the suite are able to run in the cloud in addition - again, it depends on our customers what they want to do.  

      Secondly, the SAP Best Pratices for Insurance in SAP Store is an example. Currently, we are packaging more and more business content and it will be constantly improve it. So far it is not possible to create custom objects as this is only a trial example.

      Thirdly, all mass activities should run faster on SAP HANA but they are not yet rebuild.

      Last but not least we are having the SAP HANA Cloud Platform which provides an easy way to enhance on top of the insurance suite e.g. mobile c-level dashboards. To intergrate these dashboards could be done by SAP HANA Cloud Integration (A2A) which is running on-top of SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

      I really think there is a huge opportunity for our insurance customers and partners with SAP HANA and the demand is impressive.

      I hope that helps - if you have any further question don`t hesitate to ask.

      Best regards


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      HI Boris,

      As far as I know, having the Insurance Suite HANA enabled, only means that it will run on a HANA database, which will not automatically mean any kind of performance gains, right?

      In order to see the full HANA benefits, the select statements etc would have to be exchanged in order to actually realize the benefits of HANA. So while this now enables customers to run SAP for insurance on a HANA database, the benefits really only lie in being able to adopt Custom Programs where we can exchange the database accesses into HANA optimized ones and see the performance gains there.

      For the SAP Standard Mass activities and reports, unless you do a modification, there is no immediate benefit.

      I cant seem to find any information for the following questions, maybe you know some more details:

      - What is the timeline for SAP to also deliver that piece of actually allowing customers to use the benefits of HANA within the SAP Standard Processes?

      - Which transactions/mass activities are going to be HANA optimized and when will that be delivered?

      Thank you so much!


      Author's profile photo BORIS GREVEN
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Doreen,

      thanks for your questions.

      Indeed this blog is about the SAP HANA Cloud Platform (HCP, Public Cloud) which is not the same as the deployment of SAP Insurance Suite on SAP HANA or on SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud (HEC, Private Cloud).

      If you look at the HCP there could be use cases like dashboards for C-level but as well many other ones coming to my mind. SAP HANA Cloud Integration does help to connect A2A.

      Considering the HANA enabled SAP Insurance Suite means in the first step that processes do not run on a traditional data base but on SAP HANA in-memory which could be deployed in the cloud as well (SAP HEC).  

      The SAP HANA benefits can be seen in standard business processes running faster than before. If you deploy on SAP HANA the transactions benefit - if there is any problem you should open a ticket.

      The SAP Insurance Road Map will be released in Q2 / 2015. There you will find all new and optimized features and functions. 

      Best regards