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Sub-Contracting for In-House Repair Process

This is a process where in the returned goods from the end customer cannot be repaired in the Repair unit and it needs to be sent to an external vendor for repair. This process enables the repair unit to send the returned goods to an external vendor for repair using the purchasing integration process in service orders.


The business functions LOG_MM_SERNO and LOG_EAM_ROTSUB should be activated to enable the Sub-Contracting process for In-House Repair scenario.

SAP Help Document:

Process Steps:

  1. Create a Repair Order (In this case, custom copy of RAS repair order type is used). The Repair Procedure is linked with this Repair Order, so that the sub-items are created as per the repair procedure.


2. Create the return delivery to bring the goods in the repair order stock.



  1. Create Serial Number during the return delivery. Serial Number profile is assigned to the material master to enable this functionality.


4. Do the goods receipt for the return delivery document.


  1. Note that there are no Accounting Documents created. The returned goods are customer owned and are non-valuated. This setting is done in the Requirement Class configuration.


6. Create a Service Order as part of the Repair Procedure. Service Order is created in the background using the Repairs action in the repair procedure.


7. The service order contains the list of operations which are populated based on the task list assignment to the service product in t-code OISD.


  1. For sending the returned goods to the external vendor for repair, you need to manually add an external operation (with control key SM02).


9. Maintain the details for this sub-contracting operation in the external tab. Enable the flag “Subcontracting”.


You can see the “Subcontracting” flag available now in the external view. This will be active only after activating the business function LOG_EAM_ROTSUB .

  1. Now enter the Component (The returned material) in the Components view. In the Special Stock field, select the value “1- Individual Customer Stock”. This component is added to the operation where in the subcontracting flag is set.


11. Go to the General Data of the Component. Select the component and click on Gen. Data button.

Here maintain the Material Provision Indicator as “S-Rework Material”.

This customizing is maintained in the below SPRO path

              SPRO > Production > Basic Data > Bill of Material > Item Data > Define Material Provision Indicator


Set the Material Provision Indicator  to “S-Rework Material” at the Component Gen.Data view in the service order.


  1. Save/Release the service order. Depending on your release strategy, the Purchase Requisition document will be created.


You can see the PR created in the Act. Data view.

  1. Go to ME21N, and open the PR document.

Here you can see that the item category of the PR is set to L. The item category L specifies that the PR is of Sub-Contracting type. Also you can see a special tab created at item details level with name “Subcontracting”. This functionality is available only if the business function LOG_EAM_ROTSUB is activated.


PR item category list.


Subcontracting tab view, where in the PR type is displayed and also the originating document 813 (the repair order) is referenced.


  1. Go to ME23N and create a PO for the PR document.


The PO is created with the item category L.

  1. Go to t-code ADSUBCON. In this transaction, you can do the outbound delivery to send the goods to the external vendor and also the goods receipt after the repair is completed by the external vendor.


16. Once the delivery and the goods issue is completed. You can check the stock overview of the material.

You can see that the material which is sent to the external vendor is represented in a separate stock “Stock Provided to Vendor”.


  1. Once the repair is done, then you can do the Goods Receipt for the material which was sent to the external vendor. This can be done in t-code ADSUBCON.

  Recursive material usage (same material is sent to the vendor, and the same is returned from the vendor) is possible in this case, because of the item category L. 


Also the same serial number can be used while goods receipt as well. System will allow this due to the fact that the business function LOG_MM_SERNO is activated.

Once the goods receipt is done, then the material is moved to the sales order stock in the stock overview.

Now the invoice verification step is executed. Once it is done, then the actual costs are updated in the service order.

  1. The service order is confirmed and then TECO’d. This will create an outbound delivery line item in the Repair Order.


19. The returned goods is sent back to end customer using an outbound delivery document.


  1. The Repair Order is invoiced for the repair of the returned goods.


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      Author's profile photo Gary Bracegirdle
      Gary Bracegirdle

      Excellent document - easy to understand the process flow

      Gary B

      Author's profile photo Santosh Godse
      Santosh Godse

      Not only Subcontracting process explained clearly step by step but also necessary customizing mention in this document- Nice Document.


      Author's profile photo Pramod Kanakapura Balanagendra
      Pramod Kanakapura Balanagendra

      Nice document.

      Do the process for the maintenance orders remains the same.

      Author's profile photo Siraj Saibudeen
      Siraj Saibudeen
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Pramod,

      This is specific to CS orders. We can set the sub-contracting flag in CS orders only if the business functions are activated.

      But I guess PM orders already have this feature enabled. You can create a sub-contracting PR/PO using a normal PM Order.



      Author's profile photo Sunil Gupta
      Sunil Gupta

      Sub-contracting for maintenance orders also requires business functions activation.

      Then only sub-contracting flag will be available.



      Author's profile photo Pramod Kanakapura Balanagendra
      Pramod Kanakapura Balanagendra

      Thanks very much for your input sunil.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Siraj S,

           Thanks for the useful document.

      I have a doubt, for example a Service Order is created from return and repair order with basic starts date as 01/09/2016 and basic end  date as 30/09/2016.

      Now, on 26/09/2016,  the user enters the subcon operation with contorl key SM02, goes to external tab tick mark the subcontr filed and entes the material and qty to be send to vendor for further processing and saves the order.

      Now the subcon pr has been created. What would be the delivery date in the PR??

      in my case, the system picks the basic star dates as delivery date in PR, which is actually in the past, though i created the subcon operation and PR today.

      Author's profile photo Siraj Saibudeen
      Siraj Saibudeen
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Rakesh,

      I have moved out of CS module very long time back and also currently I do not have the right system to check and confirm on your query.

      Sorry I couldn't help you out in this, please post the same query in the EAM community space and other experts could be able to answer your query.



      Author's profile photo Hidayathulla Hasan
      Hidayathulla Hasan

      Thanks for sharing your knowledge. All the Best 🙂

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      HI Sairaj,

      I am doing the exact same process but I got stuck at the point of subcon PO receipt. I am stuck at Point 17. At MIGO the system is giving a hard time "Enter a sales order for special stock E". Following are the screen shots of PR, PO and MIGO. When I converted PR to PO the sales order number didn't copied in Subcontracting tab. Can you please guide me what I may be missing,