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Setting the IGS URL of Buisness Graphics at Run Time

Hi to All ,

This blog is very simple about the buisness graphics , in general the IGS URL property of Buisness graphics cannot be binded to any context value attribute ,and now we have a requirement to change the URL at RUN time , i.e when you we want to deploy our application from development to quality and then to another server we have to change the IGS URL property and deploy which is tedious .

Hence we can resolve the issue by maintaining the IGS URL in the KM content of the respective Server ,

In KM Content ->documents-> Create a new XML file , here maintain the URL as




in a Utils dc or a common dc , create a method to read the content of KM , so that igsurl value is obtained .

create a common gloabal variable of type string in the

//@@begin others

String igsURL_globalVariable = “”;


In Component Controller create one method , which access the utils dc km content reading method and returns the value read. here in our case it is igsurl .

public java.lang.String getURL( )


    //@@begin getURL()

    String urlofIGSatKMContent;



      urlofIGSatKMContent = wdThis.wdget***Interface().getKMdata(“/document/info.xml”,”/graphics/igsurl”);


    }catch(Exception e)





    return urlofIGSatKMContent;




now in doInit() of the view , call this method and set the obtained igsurl value to the global variable  igsURL_globalVariable .

Now in the view in which the buisness Graphics is inserted , go to wdDoModifyView()



  IWDBusinessGraphics graphics = (IWDBusinessGraphics)view.getElement(“BusinessGraphics”);



in this way we can set the IGSURL dynamically at Run TIme.



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