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Please refer to the following link for detailed information of HDS Compute Blade and Hitachi BladeSymphony Servers which are certified and supported to run SAP on Linux:

The following servers from Hitachi are supported for SAP on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

Hitachi Compute Blade: Chassis Model CPU Type Blade Server Model

Hitachi Compute Blade 2000(*2)

BladeSymphony(*) BS2000

Westmere E7 AX57A2
Sandy Bridge E5 AX55x3
Ivy Bridge E5 v2 AX55x4

Hitachi Compute Blade 320(*1*2)

BladeSymphony* BS320(*1)

Westmere 5000 GGAx51x5(*1)

Hitachi Compute Blade 500(*2)

BladeSymphony(*) BS500

Sandy Bridge E5

CB 520H A1(*1)

BS520H A1(*1)

CB 520H B1(*1)

BS520H B1(*1)

Ivy Bridge E5 v2

CB 520H A2

BS520H A2

CB 520H B2

BS520H B2

E7 v2

CB 520X B1

BS520X B1

Haswell E5 v3

CB 520H B3

BS520H B3

E7 v3

CB 520X B2

BS520X B2

Broadwell E5 v4

CB 520H B4

BS520H B4

Hitachi Compute Blade 2500(*2)

BladeSymphony(*) BS2500

Ivy Bridge E7 v2

CB 520X B1(*2)

BS2500 HE0A1(*3)

Haswell E5 v3

CB 520H B3(*2)

BS2500 HC0A1(*3)

E7 v3

CB 520X B2(*2)

BS2500 HE0A2(*3)

Broadwell E5 v4

CB 520H B4(*2)

BS2500 HC0x2(*3)

E7 v4

CB 520X B3(*2)

BS2500 HE0A3(*3)

Hitachi Compute Rack CPU Type Server Model
HA8000/RS440(*3) Haswell E7 v3 RS440 xN
HA8000/RS220(*3) Haswell E5 v3 RS220 xN/xN1
Broadwell E5 v4 RS220 xN2
HA8000/RS210(*3) Haswell E5 v3 RS210 xN/xN1
Broadwell E5 v4 RS210 xN2
D51B-2U(*2) Haswell E5 v3 D51B-2U
Broadwell E5 v4

*1 This server family is end of life.
*2 This name applies to the worldwide market (except Japan).

This name applies to the Japan market.

* Hitachi Compute Blade models marketed under the BladeSymphony name in Japan.

If you want to run SAP applications on a blade/server or Linux distribution which is not listed please contact your HDS account manager.

For Information on SAP solutions from Hitachi / HDS Linux please visit:

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