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Adding UAN Number to PaySlip – Enhancing HINCEDTO Program

Employees Provident Fund Organisation, India (EPFO) has launched a Universal Account Number (UAN) to provide a number of facilities to its members through a single window. In SAP a new subtype 08 ( Universal Account Number ) has been created for Infotype 185 to store Universal Account number.


Basically we design payslip through HR form editor ( Tcode PE51 ) and we add tables, fields to HR Form classes (PE51_Checktab).

Once the table and fields are added, this will bring the value into the payslip but in this case UAN number is stored in 0185 as ICNUM and is classified by subtype 8 so we cannot directly put the fields in PE51_Checktab to fetch the UAN Number on Indian Payslip. We have to make a Z enhancement (Implicit Enhancement) to incorporate UAN number on Payslip.


The standard program HINCEDT0 will be called while generating indian payslips through Tcodes PC00_MXX_CALC and PC00_MXX_CEDT. If you want to this display this UAN number on Indian Payslip, we need to enhance this program.


Open HINCEDTO in SE38 and enhance include RPCEDDZ9 for data definitions and also enhance Include RPCEDSZ9 to write our own code ( in this case to fetch UAN number based on subtype).






Finally we will add additional structure TUAN and their respective fields ICNUM and SUBTY which we added by enhancing RPCEDDZ9, to form Class ( PE51_CHECKTAB) so they become available in HR Form Editor (PE51) for payslip designing.





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