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SSO between SAP Enterprise Portals to BO & SAP BO to BW SSO Configuration Document

Hello Friends,

This document follows, SSO between SAP Enterprise Portals to BO & SAP BO to BW SSO Configuration Document.


1. Objective

2. Configure SSO in SAP Portal    

      2.1 BO System Creation in SAP Portal

     2.2 BO iView Creation.

3. SSO Set UP for BO 4.0 to BW

      3.1 Generate keystore and certificate for SAP BO BI4.0

                    3.1.1 Generate KeyStore

                    3.1.2 Generate certificate with keytool

      3.2 Import the BO certificate into BW

4. Setup SSO service in SAP BO BI 4.0 CMC

5. Set up SSO for Open Document

     5.1 SSO setup in BO server for open document

     5.2 Mount the BO iView in sap Portal

11  Objective

In BI 4.0 we don’t need install the SAP integration kit separately. The Integration KIT is included by default in the BI4.0 installer.

Having enterprise-wide access to relevant business information from a standard enterprise portal allows customers to make better-informed decisions. Consolidating the infrastructure for application and BI content delivery leads to reduced cost and time savings.

User can access the BW Data in SAP portal via SAP BO without entering the secondary credential.Ie.Implement the SSO between the below servers.

  • SAP portal to SAP BO server.
  • SAP BO to SAP BW server.
  • SAP Portal to SAP BW server (Applicable only FI)

12      Configure SSO in SAP Portal:

2.1      BO System Creation in SAP Portal

      a) Specify SAP Business Object property.


The domain name we need to specify in the BO system creation should match the below criteria.

If we need to perform SSO between EP to BO then the marked domain names should be the same word.

For Example :

BO URL : https://hostName:123/BOE

FS Portal URL : https://HostName:3456/irj/portal

Please note that, The BO URL should be sync with your portal URL.

     (.ie After the First. (DOT) , all the names should be sync).

     Other wise SSO will not work.

If the domain names are not valid, then  you will get the below alert.

Session Manager will not work. Please check DSM log for details

In this case SSO will not work.

b) Connector properties


c) User Management properties


  d) System Alias Properties


2.2      BO iView Creation.

BO document viewer template iview can create from the SAP Business Objects document viewer template.


If the above template is not available in portal, then download the same from the BO server and deploy to the SAP Portal.

          PCD contents :


In the BO iView, specify the document id, System Name.


Specify the Document ID from the BO report which you can get it from CMC.

     Login in to the CMC.

               Navigate to the Folder.

          Find the Report.

               Right click on the Report —->Properties.

                         Get the Report ID (CUID).


SSO Set UP for BO 4.0 to BW:

3.1      Generate keystore and certificate for SAP BO BI4.0

  1. Login in to BO server.
  2. PKCSTool will be located under  “D:\ BOU \ SAP BusinessObjects \ SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI4.0 \ java \ lib” folder.


3.1.1Generate KeyStore:

    Navigate to PKCSTool through command prompt.


Then enter the command like below mentioned screen shot.

CN = hostname of the BI  server (


     Hrisdev is the aliasname


Once the key store is generated as per the below screen shot ,

then we have to generate the certificate.

3.1.1Generate certificate with keytool:

     Enter the command which is specified in the screen shot.

     Then the password which we have given while run the PKCSTool.jar.



3.1      Import the BO certificate into BW:

Step 1) Execute STRUSTSSO2 Tcode.


Step 2) Import cert.der file which is created in  BO server.

(D:\ BOU \ SAP BusinessObjects \ SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI4.0 \ java \ lib)


Step 3) Add the certificate to the ACL List.

Click Add button to certificate list.

Check certificate list which we have specified in BO certificate generation.


Step 4) Add certificate to ACL List.

Click button “Add to ACL” to add the certificate to the Access control List.

Enter System ID – This System ID will be used in BI4.0 CMC for setup of SAP SSO Service.

Enter Client – Client has to be 000.

Then Save All changes.



4. Setup SSO service in SAP BO BI 4.0 CMC

           Login in to BO CMC as a administrator.


Go to Authentication -> SAP Setup Entitlement Systems


In the Entitlement System select the system Name.

Then enter the user name and password of the Enterprise user.

Then Enter BW server details click on new / update button.


In the options TAB check the Enable sap authentication check box.


Then import the keystore.p12 file which is generated by the keystore tool.


Then enter the keystore user ID and password.

In the System ID , enter the name which we have specified in the BW system as System Id while adding the certificate to ACL.

Setup Security Token Service:

The Security Token Service is running as part of Adaptive Processing Server (APS).

Go to CMC -> Servers and check if APS has Security Token Service.


If the Security service is not available , then stop APS and add Security Token service , then start APS.


5. Set up SSO for Open Document:

     5.1      SSO setup in BO server for open document:

With portal integration, SAP Business Objects allows you to integrate Business Intelligence (BI) content from Business Objects into the SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Portal.


Perform the setting as per below screen shots.


5.2      Mount the BO iView in sap Portal:

Once the BO document iviews are mounted in the portal role, then we can view the BI reports in sap portal.


Hope this is helpful !!!

Thank you,


Vijay kalluri

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      Author's profile photo Venkata Ramireddy
      Venkata Ramireddy

      Its very nice and useful.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hello Vijay,

      Would you be able to open Web Intelligence report from SAP portal with out getting the logon screen for Open Document in SAP portal after configuring SSO between SAP Portal, SAP BW and SAP BOBJ  ?

      After SSO configuration, we should be able to open  Web Intelligence report  with out getting open document screen  from SAP Portal.. I am getting the open document logon screen when I tried to open a Web I. document from SAP portal



      Author's profile photo Rahul Verma
      Rahul Verma

      Do you know where can I find the setting you mentioned under point a?

      I want to set the Web Application URL but I can not find this setting for NW portal v7.4

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member



      Thanks for this detailed post - it is really helpful. Are you able to answer the following questions for me please.

      I have a situation where BW reports are run from a portal and BO reports through the BI Launchpad. To combine these two sets of reports I am looking at:

      a. Bringing the BO reports into the portal


      b. Accessing the Bex WAD through the BI Launchpad for BW reports

      My questions are as follows:

      1. In relation to the first option (a) above, can the portal for BW reports function as an Enterprise Portal ? I am not a portal expert so do appreciate this may be a very basic question.
      2. In relation the second option (b) does BO 4.2 allows SSO from BI Launchpad to Bex WAD seamlessly?




      Author's profile photo Ali Shah Asani
      Ali Shah Asani

      I did the same and everything works fine on BW 7.0 (Oracle) Webi , Analysis for olap both are working using  OLAP SSO connection.

      I did the same on BW with HANA DB and only Analysis for OLAP works , Webi throws error