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Author's profile photo Matt Harding

Musicians/Singers – Have you ever wanted to play a gig in Vegas at The Venetian? #saptd #FioriRocks

Calling all Musicians (ed: And of course, Music Lovers/Dancers/People wanting to have some fun)

It’s a Friday afternoon, a week before you’re heading to Vegas to go to TechEd && d-code, and you’re sitting around wondering what you can do to pass the time till you go to Vegas.  Well this is a call to arms to those budding garage/home studio or even semi/pro musicians working in and around SAP and attending #saptd in just over a week. 



See, on the Wednesday night before DemoJam, the SAP Mentors with the help of the Fiori team are forming a jam band to play with the crowd (e.g. You) for a bit of fun (FYI – The TechEd Jam Band was initiated by David Hull and is now in its 3rd year in Vegas) .  They’ll be quality drums, bass, guitars, keyboard, and mics all set-up ready for us to jam out to a few eighties inspired songs (because why not…I mean because Huey Lewis is playing on the Thursday). And to encourage the crowd to sing and dance along, they’ll even be a few freebies going out to the crowd. eg. Bribes or some may say inspiration.

Feel like jamming with us for a song or two? Then here’s everything you need to know:

  • First and most importantly – There’s no pressure – we will have lyrics on stage, plus feel free to print out tab, or whatever you need to get through any songs. Though we stop at Milli Vanilli impressions.
  • There will be 2 practice sessions and it is best if you can make it along to both of these. The first one is late on the Monday night at 9pm (this will probably be a bit messy but it comes together the next day and we really use it to throw out songs that just won’t come together in time; hence the most important session is at 9pm Tuesday night. If you can’t attend either of these, feel free to offer your skills on the night, but no guarantees there will be a free mic/guitar/drum set/bass/keyboard.

  • Want to sing a song not in the playlist that is easy to play and everyone knows – let us know – we might be able learn it for the night.
  • Play trumpet or saxophone and wondering whether you can play? Bring your own instrument along, and join us. At least a couple of songs could do with a brass section or solo and we’d love to have you join us.

That’s about it. We have volunteer singers for most songs (Even I’ve put my hand up to sing one, so the bar is not set too high), but really, if we run out of mic’s because we get too many singers – that’s all good.

We’ve got a drummer for all the songs, but he would love to play Bass on a few songs. We have a Bass player for all songs, but he’d like to play guitar or not play and have a beer for a song or two. And I’m in the same boat, happy to take a break (though can’t wait to play the Highway to Hell riff really loud).

Think you might want to join us and want more info – No problem – Send me an email to, and let me know what instrument you play and I’ll send back the full potential setlist (so you can nominate your interest in any song) and the times and locations of the practices.


Lastly, if you play in the band on the night, you’ll automatically (I think) get a free, very rock and roll, black Fiori Rocks tour t-shirt.


For those about to Rock – We salute you!

Hope to see you in Vegas!

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      Author's profile photo Mark Finnern
      Mark Finnern

      Thanks Matt for posting this call for musicians and singers actually it is a call for everyone. The main goal of that event is to bring music lovers together to make and enjoy music fully aka sing and dance and have a good time.

      Therefore we are playing simple songs that move your feet. We will establish once and for all, that geekscandance. It's why we call ourselves Geeks Can Dance.

      So come all be ready to move and be moved on Wednesday 7pm on the show floor at the Networking Lounges.

      Small correction to the first rehearsal will be 9pm ish on Monday.

      Can't wait, Mark.   

      Author's profile photo Matt Harding
      Matt Harding
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks for the updates Mark and have adjusted the post accordingly. Also, really glad the rehearsal for Monday has moved to 9pm; much better than the original 11pm that was planned!

      Author's profile photo Jocelyn Dart
      Jocelyn Dart

      Count me in for the singalong....

      Author's profile photo Matt Harding
      Matt Harding
      Blog Post Author

      Consider yourself counted and gigging in Vegas! See you next week!

      Author's profile photo Matt Harding
      Matt Harding
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Marc,

      That sounded fantastic. Unfortunately, I'm not an SAP employed person so can't access your link, but definitely sounds like something the organisers could think about for Sapphire.

      For reference, it went really well, but surprisingly enough, it's really hard to find musicians/singers to join in in the US with the TechEd crowd (though I know people are out there).  Maybe Sapphire would get a better mix of musicians but I think try fit it into a networking night rather than the main event, as while I think it would be great, I wouldn't want to face a crowd that were hoping for an internationally acclaimed act. I want to play to a group that wants to have fun and party!



      Author's profile photo Mark Finnern
      Mark Finnern

      We had a blast last week in Las Vegas. There is nothing that gives me greater joy than seeing people singing, dancing and clearly having a good time from the music that we created. If you want to join us in Berlin please fill out this form Geeks Can Dance aka SAP Jam Band Berlin Musician/Singers wanted , or send me an email or message. [check my profile] 


      Picture of the Geeks Can Dance Band in Las Vegas. Thanks everyone to make it happen. [would like to give credit to the photographer, but forgot who it was. Please comment.]

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

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