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The purpose of this document is to provide a list of the top knowledge base articles (KBA’s) from the Upgrade component.  I’ll be including the top KBAs of the month and also the most recently added/updated KBAs and SAP Notes.  The goal here is to keep you up to date on the most frequently searched and the most recent added/updated UPGRADE issues that we are seeing in Product Support.

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Top Upgrade KBAs for April 2015                                              

Number Description
1616401 Understanding parallelism during the Upgrades, EhPs and Supp
1913676 Troubleshooting guide for Support Package / Add-Ons Installa
1715052 Tablespace cannot be deleted after upgrade
1805195 Handling and troubleshooting of tablespaces during Upgrades,
1901463 How to unlock the SAP system to perform correction(s) during
1818192 FAQ: Automated Note Search Tool
1909524 Error in ACT_TRANS phase (Tables M_PREMA, V_7BR_PREMA and V_
1790486 SAP_ABA is in an undefined state that is not safe to be upgr
1738760 Correcting SAPPROFILE and SAPLOCALHOST issues during the DET
1970888 HowTo: SPDD/SPAU handling during the Update/Upgrade

** The top KBA notes does not include SAP Notes because of a limitation on the system.

Recently Added/Updated Upgrade KBAs/SAP Notes                                              

Number Description
0001563579 Central Release Note for Software Logistics Toolset 1.0
0002031385 SAP Release Note for SL Toolset 1.0 SPS 13
0001131680 SCEMSRV 510: Support Packages
0001002500 Release strategy for the ABAP Add-On DMEE
0001475794 Support Packages for CPRXRPM 500_702
0001582553 Release strategy for the ABAP add-on EA-HR_MSS
0001986443 OBLHR 607: AOPs and CRTs
0001913676 Troubleshooting guide for Support Package / Add-Ons
  Installations errors during
0001813548 Database Migration Option (DMO) of SUM 1.0 up to SP13
0001981278 Central Note – Software Update Manager 1.0 SP12 [lmt_008]

** The hyperlinks will require access to the SAP Service Marketplace **

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    KBA: 1818192 – FAQ: Automated Note Search Tool is updated now with latest content and feature. Keep using ANST and get benefited.




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