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A nice way of making your Web Intelligence Report even more interactive is adding “buttons”.

For example we want to have “buttons” for “year” as selection.


It goes like this.

  1. Create report, adding the fields you want
  2. 0001Capture.PNG
  3. Change the layout of your table, add a second table above your first one and enter only “year” in it, make sure it is a horizontal table
  4. 0002Capture.PNG
  5. Change your layout of the “year” table: like this0004Capture.png
  6. you can go to table-properties: Format Table >> Appearance >> Spacing and Padding >> Set horizontal (and vertical) to like 0.5cm
  7. Create element linkingCapture2.PNGReport Element >> Linking >> Element
  8. Link the “year”-table (horizontal table) to your “report”(Crosstab)Capture3.PNG
  9. Et voila, your webi works now interactive via the linkingCapture4.PNG
  10. Now put some make-up on the report.  (adding button image in your “year”cells) and you will have “buttons in your webi reportCapture5.PNG
  11. Note: the header works as a total selection, all values are selected on click (like the clear in input control), so you can pimp it even some more
  12. 0000Capture.PNG
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  1. Former Member

    Hi Koen,

         Could you explain a bit more about how you have added the images for buttons

    ie., after step 10.

    I was able to follow you till there but I am kinda lost after that.

        1. Former Member


          I have a lower one, 4.0 SP6 + IE9, can be a current version bug. But now I have no possibility to try on 4.1.

          Many thanks in any case


  2. Former Member


    How to get rid of of button that appears in last cell top right corner (Which is used to reset Input control). I want to hide it so that users don’t have reset functionality because it is not needed for our requirement.

    I tried by Overlapping Color filled Blank Cell/Table. However when switched to html mode it always appear.

    version: 4.2



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