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SAP NetWeaver Portal Movie Critic: “Simplicity”

                Hello everyone 🙂 . Here I am releasing a new blog in SCN, and in this case I will be doing a short post about the target by excellence in SAP: “Simplicity“.

As we all know, but we don’t ever realize, time is passing through our lives, making us change and improve as a society, and in the same way, innovation and development grow with us. Technology and tools are updated and modified every day, providing us with better solutions and a new way to run our business. As the video shows, “businesses are becoming more Global, Mobile and Social”. Nevertheless, this growth brings with it some disadvantages, among them complexity, extending hardware (we can refer to Moore’s Law in here), and Big Data increasing, making it difficult to “Run Simple”.

In the video we can see how necessary is to simplify technology. In order to create a better environment, SAP Portal makes applications more attractive, more manageable and more accessible, allowing you to work better and faster in any device, which increases customer satisfaction, which increases business productivity, which increases “YOURSELF” as a person (“unlocking your potential”). Referring to Albert Einstein’s example, it will be simple if you are able to explain it to a six year old boy.

                 Thank you very much for taking time to read this post, I hope you enjoyed it. If you want to join me and my colleagues and participate I encourage you to click this link 🙂 : You will find in it all you need to participate.

                  Kind Regards 🙂

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