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Hello all,

Breaking news about the Nota Fiscal Layout in Brazil. It was just posted in the NF-e portal that the old layout (2.00) will be available until March 2015. You can find the information below:

07/10/2014 – Atenção: Publicada atualização da NT2013.005 – Versão 1.10,

permitindo o uso da versão 2.0 do leiaute da NF-e até o mês de março de 2015, dentre outras alterações.

Assinado por: Coordenação Técnica do ENCAT

Source: Portal da Nota Fiscal Eletrônica (NF-e Portal)

Let’s check once the government posts the Technical Note in the next days.



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  1. Nicolas Posada

    Hi guys!

    This is awesome news, year.end go-live isn’t always a desired scenario.

    Guys, an open question: when would you recommend to GoLive if ones company has not gone live yet? We have heard that per a SEFAZ-SUFRAMA unexpected integration issues, which is an external factor to all  companies, it isn’t recommended to GoLive until next year.

    Can you give input? Not askign for straight-forward position because it is difficult to commit that much in such complex projects, but at least an overall position from the NF-e experts 🙂

    Desde já, muito obrigado!

    1. Former Member Post author

      Hi Nicolas,

      Actually, what we are seing is that everyone (or at least the majority of customers) will keep their schedules and continue with the projects as before.




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