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Gain a Competitive Edge with the SAP Pre-Determined Pricing Engine – WEBINAR REPLAY

Gain a Competitive Edge with the SAP Pre-Determined Pricing Engine – WEBINAR REPLAY

SAP develops products and solutions based on what companies want and need.  That business development model has helped SAP work with major corporations to co-innovate and develop custom solutions that solve a business’s unique problems and sometimes, these solutions end up becoming formalized and offered in the market to solve specific problems in a given Business or Industry.

The SAP Pre-Determined Pricing Engine is one of those solutions. Created through co-innovation with AmeriSource Bergen (ABC), a $100+ billion pharmaceutical services provider, the catalog engine was created from the driving need of ABC to process 1.4 million order lines per day, provide updated pricing information in response to changing data, and ensure pricing accuracy and a positive customer experience.

Although ABC initially thought a real-time pricing API could be the solution, they quickly realized that in their business the volume of pricing changes and interactions would put too much stress on a real-time API and that they needed something that could perform at a higher level. The optimal solution would integrate across their existing systems, and a solution that they could control the scope.

ABC and SAP worked to outline the design principles necessary to support the volume and ensure that the solution would be scalable as the volume of interactions changed. Since the existing ecommerce platform was the core of order management, ABC had to be careful and make sure that the deployed solution would cause little to no service interruption.

Through the co-innovation process, SAP built the catalog data engine for ABC, which was later rebranded as the Pre-determined Pricing Engine. Since deploying the solution, ABC has seen much success in allowing them to handle volumes over 2 million pricing updates and hour. 

The final ecommerce product is an out-of-the-box engine that is already created, where SAP works with companies to build in the customer’s specific content. The end result is an always-on, event-driven solution that is a business enabler with intelligent selective change detection that accurately responds to changes that affect downstream pricing.

For more information about Pre-determine Pricing Engine and its capabilities, listen to the Gain a Competitive Edge with the SAP Pre-Determined Pricing Engine webinar replay featuring Jeff Wilkinson, Vice President of Information Delivery at AmerisourceBergen, who explores how the company is transforming into an information-centric business that is fully connected, operationally efficient, and capable of deriving quality data to improve business insight. Wilkinson explains how ABC accelerated response times, increased sales, and improved customer satisfaction with the pre-determined pricing engine.

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