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First timer in SAP TechEd

I will be honest here … this is my first time attending SAP TechEd and first time writing a blog … uh oh … so please be kind 🙂

What motivated me is obviously a chance to grab the 3rd hands-on workshop, because like everyone else … I feel that 2 workshops are simply not enough. So here I am, dipping my toe into blogging.

Location: Las Vegas (would love to go to Berlin, but maybe next time 😉 )


Decision … decision … so many sessions, so little time

DEV101     SAP HANA Native Application Development

I have attended Thomas Jung’s online course with and enjoyed it tremendously, would love to learn this course from the expert himself.

DEV102     Build, Extend, and Run Applications with SAP HANA Cloud Platform

Our company has just started implementing SAP HANA, so I am looking forward to learn more about building and running application with SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

DMM263     SAP Landscape Transformation Replication Server Real-Time Data Integration

DMM108     Real-Time Data Replication with SAP Landscape Transformation Replication Server

CR701        SAP LT Replication Server – Performance Boost

We are currently using SLT Replication Server to replicate tables from ECC to HANA, and have to admit that we are experiencing some performance problem, no doubt due to our inexperience in this technology. So among all the other sessions, these are the most important sessions for me. Plus, I have read Tobias Koebler’s blog about SLT and would love to ‘pick his brain’ on these topics.

DMM240     SAP HANA Replication Using SAP Replication Server

DMM222     SAP Replication Server Performance Tuning and Troubleshooting

DMM113     SAP Replication Server Usability Enhancements

As I stated before, anything related to replication, I am going to be ‘wide-eyed’ and eager to learn more. Specially since I am going to be responsible for replicating data to SAP HANA (no pressure there 😛 )

CR702     SAP LT Replication Server – Replacing SAP BW Extractor

Although BW is not my ‘cup of tea’, but learning on how to rebuild extractor logic with SLT functionality will be essential to the success of our company’s project.

DMM112     SAP HANA Scalability and Performance

ITM162       Managing and Transporting SAP HANA Objects

Although we are not there yet at this point of our SAP HANA project, but this will be one of the important issue in the months to come.

ITM110      SAP HANA Platform Lifecycle Management

I would really love to learn more about tools and services of SAP HANA Lifecycle Management.

DEV100     Overview of Development and Extension Platform for SAP HANA and Cloud

On top of many lectures, hands-on workshops, code reviews, and road-maps, I am really excited to attend networking sessions to get to know others and their challenges during SAP HANA/SLT implementation.

What I am looking for the most?

EVERYTHING! A joy of learning something new always excites me … and I will be sure to ‘hit’ the slot machine afterwards 😉 .

So … hope to see you there!

Christina Halim

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      Author's profile photo Benedict Venmani Felix
      Benedict Venmani Felix

      hi Christina,

      You stole my schedule 😈 . I have almost the same sessions in my plan 🙂 . I have DEV101 for the same reason that you have mentioned here.


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      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Benedict,

      I am using my crystal ball to match my plan with yours 😛 ... lol ... I guess I'll be seeing you often! Yup, really enjoyed Thomas Jung's course and was sad that I don't have time to continue with next step in HANA development. How about you? Well, there is always next time.

      Hope to see you there!


      Author's profile photo Benedict Venmani Felix
      Benedict Venmani Felix

      I seriously believe that you have a crystal ball. Bring it to TechEd if they let you through security at the airport 😆 . I too registered for the second course but so far couldn't find time to check out the first video.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Christina, congrats for your post, hope you get your 3rd hand-on session.

      I am a third-timer but still feel like an amateur when it comes to prioritizing (as you pointed out, so much to do and so little time). I'll be looking to network with abap fellows, especially since this year I'll be representing the company alone. Hope to see you around.


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Gabriela,

      Wow ... 3rd time ... I am so jealous 🙂

      Yes, I am so excited at the prospect of learning more and networking ...

      Hope to see you there too. I'll be the crazy one, running around trying to squeeze in as many session as I can 😉