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SAP Data Geek Baseball Playoff Challenge

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Greetings to all the Baseball fans, fans of Lumira, Data Geeks, and those who have sworn allegiance to the House of Titans!

Fresh from the 2014 SAP World Cup Football Challenge, comes the SAP Baseball Play off Challenge! Show off your knowledge of what is billed as America’s Favourite Past-Time.

No game screams stats like baseball. Statistics are such an integral part of the game that they have changed the way that some teams build their teams. Brought to the forefront by the movie Moneyball, (although the weight that stats play in scouting was somewhat refuted in Trouble with the Curve) statistics are something that all teams pay attention to. No matter which movie philosophy you subscribe to, this challenge offers you both paths.

  • You can use SAP Lumira to sort through the endless stats for the teams and player, to systematically analyse all aspects of the team’s performance this year as well as in past play off experiences,
  • or throw a dart at the #SAPPlayofftree.

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We want you to use Lumira Visualizations to back up your picks as well. Not only to prove you’re not a fluke, but to get a really cool t-shirt! That’s right! If you create a Lumira visualization, and submit it through the Data Geek challenge (see how to enter here) you’ll not only be qualified for the SAP Play-off Challenge, you’ll also be entered in the Data Geek III, Thrones of Data Contest! It’s a 2 ‘fer!! Who doesn’t like that?!?

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How does the #SAPPlayoffChallenge work?

  • Predict the ALDS & NLDS winners correctly, and get 5 points for each series correct. If you also get the Division Series lengths correct, you’ll pick up an additional 10 points for each series you get right.
  • Moving to the Division Championship Series, the point values go up! 15 points awarded for each team you correctly select to move on to the 2014 World Series. Correctly pick the length of a Division Championship Series, add 20 points to your total for each correct selection.
  • Get the Winner of the 2014 World Series correct, and you’ll be smiling when 50 points finds its way to your total! If you knew how long the series would go, there’s 25 more points for you.
  • If you pick all the correct teams through the complete play off tree, you’re entitled to a huge pat on the back, and the admiration of all who walk this Earth, but, if that’s not enough, how about another 100 points?!?

Now, if your team crashed and burned early, don’t give up hope! All is not lost. There are still opportunities to score some big points.

  • Pick any 2 series lengths correctly, and we’ll give you 10 bonus points. Pick 3-5 series lengths correct, it’s worth 25 extra points. Get 6 right, 50 points,  7 series lengths correct, you’ll be investigated for Series Fixing and possibly witchcraft! We’ll also give you 75 points (if you make it through your trials). And, if you make it through your trials, you’ll do so wearing a snappy Lumira T-shirt!
  • If we’re somehow, all tied up after the points dust settles, we’ll go to the tie-breaker questions. 50 points each awarded for correct answers to the team committing the most errors, and hitting the most home runs,with 75 to anyone who get the total number of home runs hit by that team in the 2014 MLB play off’s

Step up to the Plate!

  1. Download and Fire up SAP Lumira.
  2. Analyse your Data.
  3. Complete the playoff tree.
  4. So fire up Lumira, analyse the data, and complete the play off tree. Show us how much game you have!
Show us how much game you have!

Don’t Forget:

If you submit your Lumira Visualization and blog, to the House of Titans Early Bird Baseball Challenge,you are also entered into the third instalment of the Data Geek III, Thrones of Data! Good Visualizing, and PLAY BALL!

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      Author's profile photo Stephen Johannes
      Stephen Johannes

      You really really messed up the generic logo for the cardinals, unless your intent was to annoy folks from St. Louis.  That logo for St. Louis is all wrong and you could have chosen just a generic cardinal bird instead.  I get the games of throne mirroring, but even the colors for your St. Louis cardinal logo are all wrong.  Even the dodgers logo you use just feels wrong as it should have been "dodger blue & white".

      Please fix your logos to actually match the color/mascot schemes used by the real teams. Better yet can't SAP afford to pay to use the real logos??

      Take care,