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How-to guide on SAP Cloud for Customer, Add-in for Gmail

1. Purpose

This is my second blog on email integration with SAP Cloud for customer. Even though product documentation talks about the Gmail Add-in, this how to guide covers step-by-step instructions of the Gmail Add-in. SAP offers only email client integration. Email client integration is possible with MS Outlook and Lotus Notes Add-ins are available in the Download link of SAP Cloud for Customer solution whereas Gmail Add-in app is available in Chrome Webstore. This document will walk you through the Gmail integration.

2. Prerequisites

Gmail integration supported is supported from 1408 build. In-order to integrate with Gmail, users must install Chrome browser

      • Chrome browser
      • Gmail account

Let me also warn you about you the Chrome App download as extension to the Chrome browser. This Gmail Add-in is a tightly coupled integration with Chrome browser. Which means, whenever you logon to Gmail account this add-in will be displayed on Gmail interface. This Add-in does not specific any individual Gmail account rather it is for Chrome browser.

Based on the documentation, other browsers like Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox support for Gmail Add-in is not available at this time.

3. Scenarios of Gmail integration

Let me also give you a quick gyan about the scenarios where Gmail integration made possible:


      • Organizations which are using their corporate communications using Gmail as their corporate account
      • Organizations want to run a quick Campaigns and generates leads with specific Gmail accounts

     And I am sure many more practical scenarios are possible and evolve with Gmail Add-in based on the business needs.

4. Installing Add-in – SAP Cloud for customer, add-in for Gmail

As this guide is focusing on integration between SAP Cloud for Customer and Gmail;

Step# 1:

Open a Chrome browser and search for SAP Cloud for Customer Add-In for Gmail™. Alternatively click on the below link, it will directly prompt the Add-in page.

Step# 2: 

Click on the + Free button to add this add-in to the Chrome browser.


Step# 3: 

Click on Add button to confirm the installation of this Gmail Add-in.


Upon confirming by Add button, installation will automatically perform checks internally the compatibility of the browser and so on. This checking will take about 30 secs.

Step# 4: 

Once the check is completed and successful, EULA will pop-up (END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT) and agreement page will displayed for your reference and it will expect you accept or reject based your consent.

Review the EULA by clicking on this link



***    ***    ***    ***    ***    ***    ***    ***    ***    ***    ***    ***    ***    ***    ***

Step# 5:

Once the review of the EULA completed, accept the license to continue the Add-in installation.


Note: By Rejecting the EULA, Add-in will not be installed into your Chrome browser.


Step# 6:

You will see the confirmation of green button with caption “Added to Chrome”. This completes the procedures of installing Add-in with Chrome browser.


5. More Settings – Google Chrome

Once the Add-installation is completed, few steps needs to be performed to complete this integration with SAP Cloud for Customer.

Step# 7:

     Click on the Tools –> Extension from the Google Chrome browser.


Step# 8:

Google Chrome Extension page will be displayed with already installed extensions. Identify the “SAP Cloud for Customer, add-in for Gmail™ 14.8.2” from the list.

Click on the Options button to enter SAP Cloud for Customer tenant URL details.


Step# 9:

Enter the URL for the tenant. It will start with my<tenant #>


Hit enter and close the page. Click on options again for SAP Cloud for Customer, Add-in for Gmail from Extensions page to make sure the URL has been updated.

By clicking on the license button will display the EULA agreement for your review. End of the agreement will expect the user to Accept or Reject the agreement. This activity would have been completed as soon as the Add-in installed on the Chrome browser (Step# 5)

Step# 10:

Now all the required steps that are required for this Add-in are successfully completed. We can now check this integration of this Add-in by logging into Gmail account.

Launch a

For this demo, new Gmail account created for this Add-in testing. Enter the login credentials for the Gmail account.


Step# 11:

After successful login, inbox will be displayed. In-order to view the side bar of SAP Cloud for Customer. Individual email thread needs to be opened.


Step# 12:

Upon opening an individual mail thread, side bar of SAP Cloud for Customer Add-in will be displayed. Now user has to login using their SAP Cloud for Customer credentials.


Step# 13:

Once you open a mail, if the contact is already available in the C4C then it will automatically bring the contact details and along with open leads and opportunities.


6. Working with Gmail Add-in for SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C)

SAP Cloud for Customer Add-in with Gmail provides rich functionalities unlike MS Outlook or Lotus Clint for the users. It is as good as working on the C4C Solution. Since it is tightly coupled integration with Chrome browser, users able to leverage the full benefit using the C4C Solution with in the Gmail account.

As you see in the C4C solution, the similar set of features are exposed via this Add-in.

      • Toolbar
      • Create
        • Opportunity
        • Individual Customer
        • Account
        • Contact
        • Lead
        • Task
        • Visit
        • Sales Quote
        • Appointment
        • Phone Call   *** (CTI Integration required)


This contact screen is the initial screen to let the user know the open leads and opportunities. User can also click on the hyperlink to click on the contact details. The link open up the new Cloud for Customer solution window and uses the same logon credentials as logged in the Gmail account.

View of the Open Leads for the selected contact:


View of the Open Opportunity for the selected contact:


Example of Create Opportunity from Gmail:

By clicking on the New Opportunity from the tool bar brings New Opportunity view and it can attach a same contact or pick a new contact from the input help. Enter the required details and save the opportunity.


7. Conclusion

Now we have completed the integration aspect of Google Gmail Add-in with SAP Cloud for customer. Importantly, this is a real time synchronization of the exposed objects. Gmail Add-in brings the similar features as the C4C solution. Objects links will be opened in separate window and same session of Gmail Add-in login will be shared.

Hope you have enjoyed the walk through of how-to guide on SAP Cloud for Customer, Add-in for Gmail. Please feel free to provide your input on this content. Thanks

8. References

About SAP Cloud:


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      Author's profile photo Markus Grant
      Markus Grant

      Hi Prasad,

      Thanks for the blog! Got this working fine after enabling 3rd-party cookies in Chrome settings.

      I am definitely interested in practical use cases for this integration. Currently there are hardly any of our customers using g-mail for corporate e-mail.



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Thanks, I haven´t implemented yet but looks really detailed de process. Thanks.

      Author's profile photo Guilherme Rosario
      Guilherme Rosario

      Hi Prasad, I tried to follow your steps, but the bar is not showing.

      Anything I missed?


      Guilherme Rosario

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Sorry for the delayed response. I can think of couple of options to verify...

      1. Restart the browser and check

      2. Go to extensions from Settings and check this Add-on is enabled.

      Ideally it should work, alternatively you can remove this Add-on and re-install will help.



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi all,

      someone knows why it is not possible to create a service ticket from Gmail add-in?

      Author's profile photo Pushkar Ranjan
      Pushkar Ranjan

      Please note the functionality offered as part of the add-in for Gmail below:

      Integration between Gmail™ and your SAP solution

      With SAP Cloud for Customer, add-in for Gmail™ for Google
      Chrome™ you can leverage tools you use every day to be more productive. This
      extension connects Gmail to the SAP Cloud for Customer solution and provides a
      quick view of all sales information when e-mailing prospects and customers and
      allows you to link e-mail conversations, search for duplicate contacts, and
      create new leads, opportunities, tasks, and visits, all directly from Gmail.

      Key features of SAP Cloud for Customer, add-in for Gmail

      • Link e-mails to an existing account or
        opportunity and keep all customer conversations synced
      • See all related leads and opportunities based on
        sender’s e-mail
      • Search for duplicate contacts before creating
        new ones
      • Generate new leads and opportunities
      • Create a new task or visit as a follow-up to an
        e-mail action item

      Note: To use SAP Cloud for Customer, add-in for Gmail with
      your business data, you must be a user of SAP Cloud for Customer.

      SAP Cloud for Customer, add-in for Gmail™ - Chrome Web Store

      Thank you.

      Author's profile photo Austin Melia
      Austin Melia

      Thanks Prasad.

      Further hint:  If you get a logon cookie error when trying to logon to the SAP Cloud for Customer tenant from the add-in, try going to the browser advanced settings option, locate the Privacy section and the “Content Settings…” option and then define a cookie exception for your tenant url using the "Manage exceptions..." option e.g.

      [*.]my<tenant #>   =>  Allow

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Dear Team,

      We have a requirement as once Email is synced with account or contact, users need to have a option to reply to that mail from C4C system. But currently i couldn't able to see any option here.
      Is there any configuration to achieve this and also i couldn't able to see a option to create a service ticket.

      Ram Prasad

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi SAP community,

      I'm trying to sync mail from gmail to C4C, but only able to create new contacts or customers .. if I receive a mail from a mail related to a existing lead or customer, the add in do not reconignice It, appear a message'There are no issuers in SAP Cloud for Customer '.

      ┬┐Any clue?

      Best regards and thank you in advanced.


      Author's profile photo Gabriel Matos
      Gabriel Matos



      Could you tell me if it is possible to synchronize C4C Calendar with Gmail Calendar?

      Sorry for not knowing the answer for your question!


      Best regards,

      Gabriel Matos

      Author's profile photo Kateryna Hrebchenko
      Kateryna Hrebchenko

      Hi guys!

      Is this add-in still supported?

      I was able to install it, although I can`t add a new contact from the email (however I logged in the system)

      Is it a general error? Did I miss smth? (I followed all the instructions described above)

      Can the issue be related to the new system update release?

      Any help appreciated!