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A Release Manager in Vegas – Part 3 – My sessions

Start with my first blog, “A Release Manager in Vegas” for the background.

Below is the list of sessions I’m currently planning  on attending.  These, of course, are subject to change, as my needs or whims may change.

Session ID Title Speakers
17158 Developer Garage
EVENT1 Customer Keynote Steve Lucas
EVENT2 Technology Keynote Bjoern Goerke
EXP17356 ‘Build SAP Like a Factory’ with Agile Lifecycle Management (Any tips on how to improve our relatively new Agile process would be welcome) Dominique Noth
EXP17467 ABAP Test Cockpit in action with Doctor ZedGe and abap2xlsx (I know my ABAP team has their eye on this, and will be talking about it.  I know my testing team would love for ABAP to have better tools.  Seems like a good one to attend) Ivan  Femia
ITM100 Holistic IT Management for Hybrid Solutions (We need to know how to better manage changes in a hybrid cloud/on premise solution.  Also, John K.) John Krakowski
ITM105 Change Control Management – Maximize the Value for Hybrid Scenarios (I’m not 100% sure this “Hybrid” is the same as what they mean in ITM100, but in any case, Change control in increasingly complex environments is always something of interest) Tobias Hauk
ITM108 Functional Test Automation with SAP Solution Manager 7.1 (I’d like to learn more so I can have educated discussions with the testing team, which is pretty important when you’re a Release Manager) Marcus Wefers
ITM109 Test Automation with SAP Test Acceleration and Optimization and More (Another opportunity to understand what the testing team is talking about) Marcus Wefers
ITM110 SAP HANA Platform Lifecycle Management (Get more HANA exposure) sivagopal modadugula
ITM116 Using ChaRM, CSOL, and  Retrofit to Support a Dual Project and Production (Always good to learn from what others are doing in the real world) Lovnish Mahajan
ITM162 Managing and Transporting SAP HANA Objects (This is probably the one I most need right now, because we’re doing HANA and I’ll have to have a recommendation (or at least understand the recommendation of the consultants) Dirk Marwinski | Ralf  Belger | Ron Silberstein
ITM200 Agile Lifecycle Management and Two Value Releases per Year   (Any tips on how to improve our relatively new Agile process would be welcome, plus it seems to be about the “Two Value Releases per Year” document I always have in front of me.  And having Evan involved is always a good sign) Evan Stoddard
ITM208 Customer Transports Integration in Software Maintenance Process (I’ll admit that I’m not 100% sure what “customer transports” are, but it still looks like something I should try to attend. — Downtime minimized, SUM, TMS, ChaRM, Table Conversions — They’re talking my language.) Martin Herrmann
ITM209 Using SAP Solution Manager to Ensure Smooth SAP HANA Operations (Mixes the HANA I need to learn about with Solution Manager that I’m supposed to be an expert on.  I should probably try to be there) Andrea Schuhmann
ITM215 IT Service Management Best Practices in SAP Solution Manager (Always good to expand my ITSM knowledge) David Birkenbach
ITM242 Lessons Learned: nZDM-Based ERP SPS Update and Custom Transports Rollout  (Anything we could do to lesson the pain of an ERP SPS Update would be nice) Joshua Zhang
ITM261 From Business Requirement to Solution with SAP Solution Manager (Always good to learn more about Solution Manager because I’m supposed to be one of the “experts”) Tim Steuer | Wulff-Heinrich Knapp | Benjamin Schneider
ITM264 Adjust and Test Only What Matters with New Scope and Effort Analyzer (Setting best practices for planning upgrades is one of my tasks.  I’m also representing our testing team.  I think it would be good to learn more about this) Rajeev Gollapudi | Martina Kaplan | Tony de Thomasis
ITM300 How to Plan Changes of Your Business Suite Systems – An E2E Process (Would love to hear a different perspective) Wolf Hengevoss
ITM303 SAP Solution Manager ALM Focus at Terumo BCT (Always good to learn from what others are doing in the real world) Srinivasu Garapati
ITM304 ASUG Solution Manager Influence Council and Community Meeting Update (This is the one to get me all excited about what’s coming up for Solution Manager.  Plus, John K.) John Krakowski
ITM825 SAP Solution Manager Road Map Session: What’s the Strategic Direction?  (Another one to get excited about what’s coming up.  Do I need two?  Oh well, Evan’s always really good also) Evan Stoddard
IZ03 Quality Assurance Solutions from SAP (LoadRunner & Quality Center perk my ears up)

SAP Solution Manager (I’m not too impressed by the description.  It looks like someone strung together a bunch of buzzwords without much regard to whether or not it means anything to the average reader.  However, it is Solution Manager, so I’ll at least stop by to see what they’re talking about)

UXP200 Overview About SAP UI Technologies and When to Choose What (People keep talking about these and I have no idea what they’re talking about.  I don’t like not understanding the conversations) Michael Falk | Johannes Wasserfall

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      Author's profile photo Brenda Westergren Deimerly
      Brenda Westergren Deimerly
      Blog Post Author

      It looks like I will also be attending a Birds of a Feather session Wednesday at 5:00 pm, titled "Change and/or Release Management in the Real world."  Actually, I'm leading it.  😆   If anyone else is interested in this topic, please try to check it out.  It would be sad (and not a very productive use of my time) to be a flock of one.  🙁