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Open SAP Update: SAP HANA Developer Edition v1.8.80

With the upcoming new Open SAP courses we’ve done an update to our latest HANA Developer Edition to include content specific to those upcoming courses so now if you get your own edition you’ll be ready for those courses!

You’ll be able to find this new version in the  SAP Cloud Appliance Library for both the Aamazon EC2 landscape as well as the Microsoft Azure platform.

To get your own system please follow this link.

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  • Craig,

    I have an existing instance from CAL for rev 80 (update 19, very old), so cal is not letting me create a new one with the updated content.  Is there a way to enable me to keep the old system and start a new one so I can migrate my development objects over to the new one?  

    The "Create Instance" option is grayed out for the Solution because I have a running instance.  I don't want to choose the "deactivate" because I will need to terminate my existing AWS instance. 

    Can you provide any assistance on how I could activate the new version while keeping my existing instance running?



    • Are you not able to do the DU export of your material from the old then add to the new? I'm not sure the system is set for multiple instances of the same revision (to do with the license)

      • I will go that route.  I was hoping I could spin up another "new" instance so I could use the existing instance to make sure that I get all the non-Delivery Unit content setup (like SSL cert information) correct on the new one.

        Thanks for the quick reply.

        Jim Giffin