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Data Retrieval Parameters in SAP CRM Accounts

You can use configurable data retrieval parameter to limit the data retrieved in assignment blocks, based on selection parameters defined in the UI configuration tool.

Below is the List of Assignment Blocks of Accounts for which Configurable data retrieval is supported

Assignment blocks:

  • Interaction History
  • Planned Activities
  • Opportunities
  • Leads
  • Sales Orders
  • Sales Agreements
  • Quotations
  • Service Arrangements

Configuration: I will configure data retrieval configuration for Interaction History Assignment block to show only the Business activity with status completed.


Component= BP_BPBT and Click Display


Click BP_BPBT/AccountInterHistOV under View  and click tab Configuration


Click Edit button and add the Data Retrieval Parameters

Status= Completed and Transaction Category = Business Activity



  • For assignment blocks that have been set up for configurable data retrieval, you can define which data records are selected and displayed by defining selection parameters as part of the user interface (UI) configuration. As a result, only specific data is displayed in the assignment block.
  • The system performance can be improved because of a reduced amount of data retrieved from the database. Whether the system performance is improved or not depends on how the configurable data retrieval has been implemented for a certain assignment block.
  • You can change the selection parameters at any time, altering the data selection presented to the business user.
  • You can set selection parameters for each view usage (business role), because the selection parameters are specified as part of the view configuration.
  • Report Views with Configurable Data Retrieval option  (BSP_DLC_CONF_DAT_RETRIEV_USAGE) provides you with a list of all views that support configurable data retrieval.
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