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Update on SAP Business ByDesign

Hi everyone,

As the new general manager of SAP Business ByDesign, I wanted to introduce myself in this important community on SAP SCN. To give you a concise overview of my role and the strategy around SAP Business ByDesign, we have recorded a short video that should address some of the most important questions you might have around ByDesign. If you don’t have time to watch the video, here are the three main points I would like you all to take away:

  • We will evolve the ByDesign go-to market model to be more partner driven
  • We will continue to develop the solution, and will make it even easier for partners to build solution add-ons.
  • We will act as one team with our partners to help them to translate their micro-vertical-industry knowledge into customer value

I’m looking forward to bringing together all the different teams across SAP areas.  This will include sales, partners, pre-sales, field services, marketing, but also operational support and development, as well as all of the supporting functions we have working day-to-day on SAP Business ByDesign.

Our SAP Business ByDesign go-to-market strategy is a proven concept we have successfully applied to SAP Business One and SAP Business All-In-One, and I am sure it will work great with SAP Business ByDesign.

So much for now. I hope you enjoy the video and I look forward to your comments and contributions.

Michael Schmitt

General Manager SAP Business ByDesign

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  • Interesting, but still no clue on when the HTML5 version will be available and supported for productive systems.

    The only thing we can be sure of, is the fact that SAP is finally putting more emphasis on ByDesign as it has proven itself to be a well suited solution for small and mid to mid-large companies.

    And I love hearing that the SDK will be a matter of focus also!!!

    Please, just make a complete documentation for the UI designer and we will be the happiest SAP developers. 😉

    Thank you


    • Jacques, good point. I actually has this question regarding to SAP cloud applications studio(AKA. SDK) and ByDesign for long time. Can we say they are the same solutions, or studio is a solution under ByDesign. What do you think ?

      • Hello Xu,

        Actually, the ERP solution is SAP ByDesign. This is the software the business users will use.

        You can consider the SAP Cloud App (i.e. the SDK) as the tool to enhance SAP ByDesign. So yes they are the same solution but one is the actual product sold to customers (so ByDesign), the other is the SDK (Software Development Kit) in which you can develop custom Business Objects, Work Centers, etc., in order to enhance the SAP ByDesign solutions of your customers (if you are a SAP development partner).

        Best regards.


      • Hi Xu,

        Enhancing on Jacques Antoine reply…there is a great session “Learn about SAP Cloud Application Studio” (SDK) and what it is, what the tool can do available at SAP PartnerEdge

        Hope this session helps to understand the positioning of SDK as tool as part of ByD product.



  • This is great! Communication direct from SAP is always appreciated.

    Not only is it encouraging to see SAP commit to continued development of ByDesign, It’s certainly exciting to see the emphasis on partner involvement and partner development.

    I’ve personally seen time and time again that the ability to develop add-on and customer-specific solutions will take a solution from “acceptable” to “exceptional”, so i’m very pleased to see that this will continue to be a focus.

    Having seen the development environment and capabilities of competing mid-market solutions, it’s apparent that ByDesign has superior capabilities, both functionally and from a lifecycle standpoint. Let’s continue to put that advantage to good use.

  • SAP Business by design is a great product. Good news, that with Michael Schmitt new resources are assigned to bring it to the success it deserves.