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SDRQCR21 for allocation assignments

Well, we observed that when comparing product allocation in APO, this report in APO tries to fetch also the documents prior to the initialized period of the product allocation planning area, and accordingly creates some entries in /SAPAPO/SDQTVB table and /SAPAPO/POSMAPN (during product allocation assignments for orders). After that, when running program /sapapo/sdorder_del with option “Delete obsolete records in /sapapo/posmapn table”, the system finds the records in /sapapo/posmapn are redundant and deletes them (but leaves the /sapapo/sdqtvb entries). And when I say this, it means that there is an entry in SDQTVB with no mapping entry in /SAPAPO/POSMAPN table (which contains the order numbers).

The consequence is: we end up with some allocation assignments having no order items: meaning, you may end up fining some inconsistencies in /SAPAPO/ATPQ_CHKUSG transaction for “Assignments without order items”, because the table SDQTVB in fact never gets cleaned, but gets piled up always.

Why this happens? Because SAP has not given a provision of restricting the orders with delivery dates lying only within the initialized period of our allocation planning area. We may be asked to type-in the time-interval fields when we run SDRQCR21 report for allocation assignments – but this is impractical. Users who run the report are not expected to know the current initialized time period and accordingly maintain the dates. In fact, even if they know the period of initialization – it doesn’t sound good to ask users to maintain some values in the time-interval field in the SDRQCR21 report.

The expectation is: SAP should somehow identify if user is running SDRQCR21 for allocation assignments and should do a check in the background to not try to reconcile any orders beyond the initialized period of the product allocation planning area.

This behaviour of trying to reconcile the very-old documents is obviously wrong over here, but the possibilities of getting a fix for this from SAP is, I have to say, difficult. In case if we raise this to SAP, there are all the chances that SAP would come back saying to maintain the time-interval, or exclude the completed documents from getting reconciled by checking “No Orders with complete Delivery” in SDRQCR21 report.

The point is: we still would like to check (and if applicable, correct) the completed documents as well by SDRQCR21. It might be the case at one point that due to CIF error or some manual mistake – all the assignments would have gone wrong by CIF, and no one noticed that. The documents are now completed with corresponding deliveries created. But yet, we do not expect the incorrect values to be lying over there in APO as we might want this to be reported elsewhere – so, we want these completed documents also to be checked by SDRQCR21 in APO and if required, corrected.

It is good if SAP understands that:

  1. Customers would like to not check the option “No orders with complete Delivery” for avoiding the reconciliation for completed documents,
  2. Customers are not willing to maintain manually the time-intervals in the selection screen of SDRQCR21 in APO.

and help release a note for this fix. But yes, we have our fingers crossed.


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