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Email Integration – SAP Cloud for Customer, Add-in for Lotus notes client

1. Purpose

This how-to guide covers the integration of IBM Lotus Notes client with SAP Cloud for customer. SAP offers only email client integration. Email client integration is possible with MS Outlook and Lotus Notes. This document will walk you through the Lotus Notes integration.

2. Prerequisites

Current email integration supported only for client based integration and Add-in provided for the following versions of Lotus Notes.

●          Lotus Notes 9

●          Lotus Notes 8.5.x               


a.     Add-in Download

        As this guide is focusing on integration between SAP Cloud for Customer and Lotus Notes client, first download the Lotus notes add-in from the tenant



          Please select Add-in for IBM Lotus Notes from the list       

By clicking above link will prompt “” file to save. Please save the file in desktop or downloads folder in the local machine.

a.     Add-in Install

        Go to Lotus client and click on Application Menu and Install.

        This is a client side activity, so each user has to download this plug-in to integrate with SAP Cloud for Customer solution.


           Select the Search for new features to install. This will prompt an option of the installation.


        Click on the Add Zip/Jar Location. This will prompt for folder structure in local machine


                    Now select the “” from download folder.


               Click OK


               Click on Finish


     Select the package to install (Expand the node to verify the plugin version) and click next


               Select the accept the licence terms and click next



                       Click on Finish button to complete the Add-in.


     You might get a below warning about plug-in authenticity. Select the Install option and click OK.


               Lotus notes client restart is required for the plug-in to take effect.


   c.     Add-in Configure

   To ensure the Lotus notes Add-in for SAP Cloud for Customer is installed, click on File and then select Preferences


      Please check for SAP Cloud for customer and click on the option from left Navigation pane        


Fill-in the SAP System URL, Username and password for the Cloud for customer Tenant.

Click on the connectivity to SAP System.


Confirm the connectivity and click OK



                            Now go to Side bars of Lotus Notes and new tab will be created for SAP Cloud for Customer


                        Enter your URL and access credential another time in this pane to start the sync


Now you have successfully logged into SAP Cloud for Customer from Lotus Client.

You can see the object that are integrated directly via Lotus client.


3. Working with SAP Cloud Customer and Lotus client

          a.     SAP cloud for customer calendar in Lotus client

                      Once the initial setup is done, this will automatically create a contact group as below.


b.     SAP cloud for customer mail navigation pane view in Lotus client

              The Sync status can be checked in the left navigation pane view in the Lotus notes client.


c.     SAP cloud for customer – Object Sync

             Once the setup is completed and successful then a synchronizing of following objects will take place automatically.

             The following features are available from Lotus client

Unidirectional Sync:

        • Access Account information
        • View associated items of Opportunities
        • View associated items of Lead

Bidirectional Sync

        • Appointments
        • Tasks or e-mails
        • Create activities and add them with reference to Account, Campaign, Opportunity or Lead

Note: When the appointment created in Lotus client, this will not be sent to all the recipients of the appointment. Calendar entry/blocked for the user who is creating it. User has to send manually to the intended recipients.

4. Conclusion

Now we have completed the integration aspect of email with SAP Cloud for customer.

Details about how to working with the SAP Cloud for customer objects exposed with in lotus notes

will be published in a separate blog.

Kindly refer to my next topic on “SAP Cloud for customer – working with Lotus notes”.

Please feel free to provide your input on this content. Thank you for your time.


About SAP Cloud:


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      Author's profile photo Pushkar Ranjan
      Pushkar Ranjan

      Thank you for the blog, Prasad.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      I saw this blog post just now. Will this work for SAP Business ByDesign as well?

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member


      I'm having some problems synchronizing the mail in my Lotus Notes inbox to SAP C4C system. The thing is that when I want to reference an e-mail with an account and opportunity the app don't allow me to choose an opportunity, the only option that appears is to reference it only with an account. The process that I follow to synch mails to SAP C4C is make a right click in the mail that I want to synch, choose the option "Add mail to Sap C4C" and then reference it to an account and opportunity, but lately the option to reference it to an opoortunity is failing. I checked my productive tenant in the accounts that I referenced some mails of my Lotus Notes and there are correctly uploaded, but as I said, the option to link the mail to an opportunity is not working. Please let me know how I can solve this issue.

      Thank very much!


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Cesar,

      Sorry for the delayed response. Based on my experience, there could be a reason that SAP would have released a latest version of the Add-on due to which some features and sync would have been stopped working.

      My advise to you to reinstall the add-on from the downloads and try it. Please let me know if it works.



      Author's profile photo Maggie Cruz
      Maggie Cruz

      Has anyone seen issues with the Lotus Notes Plug In where in the Contacts it does not have all of the columns visible, so the end user only sees numbers and no Name, email, address, etc information. Our Lotus Notes administrator thought it might be because her Lotus Notes is set to a different language other than English. Please advise on possible solutions.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Dear Prasad,

      we downloaded and installed the Lotus Notes Add-in in Europe, Asia & US. But for the US users the connectivity check failed. (I added below the screen shot you provided above to show you the step i mean)

      We checked to following:

      1. We uninstalled and installed several times the Add-in without success / we checked the Lotus Notes version
      2. We enterred the Europian user credentials remotely on the US Laptop where C4C is available => no sucess
      3. We enterred the US user credentials remotely on the Europian laptop where C4C is available => with success
      4. We check the connectivity on another laptop in the US with the US user credentials => no success
      5. IBM Notes Version: IBM Notes 9 Social Edition / Release 9.0.1FP2


      Do you have an idea why this issue is only in the US?

      Thank you upfront for your feedback and help

      Best regards





      Author's profile photo Goutham Telukuntla
      Goutham Telukuntla

      Hello Team,


      I followed the same steps but i am getting connection failed error. There are no proxy settings in lotus notes. Do we need to install any certificate in lotus notes ? Not sure why the connection is failed.