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Workaround to prevent automated drill down on chart due to “chart not released last selected item” in DS 1.3

Here am explaining a work around to restrict automatic drill down of the chart, which is occurring because of the chart not released last selected items issue in DS 1.3.

The Situation

Components used: two charts and a drill up button .

The first chart is State and second is Site.So when you make a selection in the State chart (first chart )you are hiding the State chart ,filtering Site data source and displaying Site chart.

Now there is drill up button to go back to State level and when you click drill up , hiding the Site chart and displaying State chart (first chart ).

When you reach the state chart the last selection still persists and the chart automatically going down to the second chart .

This is because of the chart not released issue in DS 1.3.

The Proposal

If any one faced this issue , they can try this work around

Step 1:Create two global variables :-

                                                           a). g_drill up


make default value as false

Global variables.PNG

Step 2: Add a panel

Add both the charts and the drill up text box inside this panel.

When a selection is made on the first chart then it is happening @ first in the panel then only going inside a chart .

So onselect of the panel write the below script

Panel Script.PNG

Step 3: Onclick of State chart

Here you check if the global variable g_drillchart=true then run the script else no action.

Onclick of State chart.PNG

Step 4: Onclick of the Drill Up text box

Drillup text box.PNG

Here you make the global variable g_drillup=true , then false condition executes as written in the Step 2 ,

g_drillchart=false, since this global variable is false then the first chart onSelect script wont satisfy and it prevents the automatic drill down .


In the first step we made two global variables default value as false.When user make a selection in the chart first they selects the panel (Step 2 above) then only going to the chart.

So inside the panel we are checking the condition whether the g_drillup is false if false then making the g_drillchart=true.

So now when we make a selection in chart the g_drillchart becomes true as per the Panel script and now we are filtering Site data source and hiding the state chart and showing the site chart, which is written inside the if statement (Step 3 ).

Now we are able to view the Site chart and when we selects Drill up text box , we are reversing the condition of the global variable ie; now g_drill up=true and g_drillchart=false .

Since the g_drillchart is false,even though the last selection is retained in the chart the automatic drill down wont happen .

Hope this helps !!.

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      Author's profile photo Sateesh Kumar
      Sateesh Kumar

      Hi Arjun,

      Nice work.Thanks!!

      Author's profile photo Arjun K T
      Arjun K T
      Blog Post Author

      Thank You Sateesh


      Arjun KT