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Web Dynpro is a client-independent programming model of the SAP NetWeaver technology platform for developing user interfaces for professional business applications. It is based on the model view controller paradim which ensures that the business logic is separated from the presentation logic. This architecture is visible in the Web Dynpro perspective of the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio (NWDS).

Web Dynpro helps you with the development of Web applications by:

  1. Ensuring platform-independence with the meta model approach
  2. Minimizing the implementation effort through declarative programming
  3. Supporting a structured design process by applying the model view controller paradigm
  4. Providing reuse and better maintainability by using components
  5. Providing graphical support with tools in the Web Dynpro perspective
  6. Providing the SAP NetWeaver Java Development Infrastructure (NWDI) which supports team work with different services such as source code versioning and the Central Build Service.

Web Dynpro is the SAP development toolset for creating professional Web user interfaces (UI) for business applications. Web Dynpro Java applications are developed within the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio using a model-driven approach that minimizes manual UI coding and uses visual tools to design and reuse components.

Web Dynpro is based on the powerful and flexible Model-View-Controller architecture that helps implement a clear separation of user interfaces from backend services.

webDynpro uses SAP’s own interpretation of the MVC concept. In order to achieve the best results from Web Dynpro, it is most important that understand the key concepts in Web Dynpro architecture.

If these concepts are not understood, then you may well be able to write a functional Web Dynpro application, but it will suffer from:

  1. poor performance under heavy workload
  2. increased time required to perform maintenance
  3. unnecessarily complex business logic
  4. If your application connects to a backend SAP system, then it is likely that more connections will be opened than are necessary, which in turn will create extra work load on your backend system.

  A Programming Model for User Interfaces defines a standard structure for user interface applications and derived from the MVC (“model-view-controller”) design pattern

A Set of Tools for User Interface Design Focus on graphical modelling where Code is generated from meta-model declarations.

A Technology for Software Modularization with Components helps structure applications and support pattern based UIs.

Web Dynpro Advantages:

  1. Deliver an Enterprise Quality Web Development Environment
  2. Minimize coding, maximize design
  3. Separate UI logic and business logic
  4. Declarative UI development
  5. Independent of client Technology
  6. Browser, smart client, Mobile devices
  7. Client technology independent meta data.

What is Web Dynpro?

Web Dynpro

Generic Definition : WebDynpro is a great modeling environment whitch stores the user-interface details in the form of metadata. We can write less code and fix bugs in a shorter time with lesser effort. It increases a programmer’s productivity by manifolds.

Webdynpro is nothing but one framework for developement of user interface for use with SAP NetWeaver.It support programming for different platform such as JAVA ,ABAP,.NET .

In case of JAVA webdynpro comes with extensive design tool .Thease tools are based upon Eclipse framework ans SAP’s NWDS

Technical Definition : WebDynpro is a client-independent programming model used for developing sophisticated user interfaces for web based business applications.

History: The name WebDynpro , Dynpro means Dynamic Program it is SAP’s Legacy technology for interactive UI’s.It is to Combine High Interactivity (dynamic GUI) and Zero Installation.

What are the naming conventions to be followed while developing Web Dynpro applications?

Web Dynpro context names should use only the characters A..Z, a..z, 0..9, _ . Digits can be used only from 2nd position. The JAVA naming conventions can be followed but avoid using unicode characters to keep the names simple. However one should avoid using the prefixes wd, WD or IWD since these are the prefixes used during generation of internal coding entities.

Basic Concepts

1. View – is the central logical layout element in the Web Dynpro application.It is responsible for the presentation logic and for the browser layout.

Description of a visible screen area

Contains and lays out controls

Defines actions (i.e. relevant input on controls by the user), which trigger event handling

2. Controller – active part of web dynpro application,handles the data flow between the model and the view in both directions

Performs event handling

Each component has a component controller

Each view has a view controller

Custom controllers may be added for further structuring

3. Model – is the interface to the back end systm and is responsible for providing data to the entire application.

Represents the data in the backend

4. Component

Reusable UI program package

Mostly contains views, often uses models

Communicates with other components via component interfaces

5. Application

Something runnable (from client application, i.e. web browser)

Identified by URL

Running an application means starting a component, navigating” to an initial view in an initial window.

6. Windows

Single UI unit representing a component’s user Interface/View Composition needed for embedding purposes.

7. Context

A controller contains a context which holds the data. The data flow between the contexts is referred to as context mapping.

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