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DataGeek III – Analyzing the causes of Death with SAP Lumira

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Here we go….

There is a saying which states that the moment we step into this world, the moment of death is fixed. Though it’s not a good sign, we have to accept the reality. The end of the life of a person can happen by various reasons. It could be because of Health issues, Natural calamities, Terrorism, Accidents, Genocide, Homicide, etc. It’s important to analyze the various causes of death in order to save the precious life of human and to protect human welfare against them.

Let’s see how SAP Lumira helps to achieve this.

Here is a data which we are going to consider for this analysis.


Importing the Data :

Import this data into SAP Lumira by browsing through the input excel file


Click Create, it will scan the source data and create the Data Set



The initial view would be as follows…


Here we have three dimensions, the category of cause of death, the detailed cause of death and the number of deaths(Death Count)

Analyzing the causes of death:

Drag and drop the Death Count to X Axis and Category of cause to Y Axis


This gives the categories of death based on the death count


Filtering the major and minor causes of death:

Let’s focus on the major causes of death, we can consider top 10 and then drill into further


It’s important to drill further and identify most common reasons of death


Here it’s clear that Cardiovascular diseases, Cancer and death during Pregnancy are the most common reasons for death

There are few other reasons which cause death, but they are not sohigh in numbers


Though they are least in numbers, we need to stay careful about these causes

Drilling into Top 3 causes:

Though we have different diseases under each top 3 categories, we need to know which are the diseases we need to be cautious about


From the above chart, the death by Ischemic Heart Disease is more than any other diseases in Cardiovascular category. Second comes Stroke and then other types of Cardio arrests


Similarly in the Cancer category, death by the Lung, trachea and bronchus cancers are more compare to any other types of cancer


Other major category of death contributed by pregnancy complications

The number of babies dying during pregnancy is close to 5 times more than the number of mother’s dying during that time


Thus SAP Lumira helps us to understand the diseases which threaten human lives and we need to take care of all the required precautionary measures in order to preserve us

Death by unpredictable:

The other interesting part would be, how much ever we take care of Human life there are few causes which are out of our control. The main such causes are Accidents and Nature which are unpredictable and uncontrollable

We know the accident can happen by many ways. Here the following analysis shows, which type swallowed more number of human lives


The other thing from which we can’t escape is the Mother Nature. The extreme weather conditions also contributed more for the death. This could be Droughts, Floods, Windstorms, etc


The above chart shows the death by extreme weather during various time periods

Country wise death count:

With SAP Lumira, we can show geographical data using maps. We have a dimension which talks about the country specific death count. Let’s use the map capability to visualize the data

Here I have created a Geographical Hierarchy and used it in the map



The following shows the death count in China is huge compare to rest of the World


So Analyzing any data with the right set of tools always lead to a betterment of life by taking right decisions in any case. SAP Lumira is one such tool. The same kind of analysis can also be done with HANA as backend when the amount of data is huge in numbers. Let’s use the right technology and rule the data through it.

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      srikanth konakandla

      Hi Murali,

      Nice Use case for Healthcare sector and very innovative thought .

      Srikanth konakandla