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Steps for creating a SAP HANA Cloud Platform Account


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This article demonstrates in a step-by-step process to register and create a HANA cloud platform account and initially creating trail instances.

Overview: How It Works

This documentation mainly used to create a SAP HANA Cloud platform account in a step wise process. Also, it provides a some initial glance on creating a Trail Instance in cloud platform.


1. You need to download and install the JDK initially with the following link (JDK 7 Update 60 Early Access Release — Project Kenai).

2. You need to download the Eclipse IDE from the link (

and there is no need for any installation.


Step 1 : Register yourself to HANA Cloud by clicking the “Register Now” button mentioned or login to the account if you already have an account.

Step 1(a) : If you’re registering for a new account by clicking the “Register Now” button it’ll display the below screen.

Step 1(b) : Fill up all the above mandatory fields by checking the check boxes and clicking on “Register” as below.

Step 1(c) : Once done you’ will be able to view the below screen.

Step 2 : Please open your email where you received the conformation email as below.

Step 3 : Click on the above mentioned red box which refers “Click here to activate your account” and you will be redirected to the below screen.

Step 4 : Click on “Continue”.

Step 5 : Click on the red box which says “Continue” to have your new account created.

Step 6 : Once you’ve clicked the “Continue” button the browser will redirect you to the “SAP HANA Cloud Platform Cockpit” screen.

Step 7 : Click on “HANA Instances” on the right-hand side inside the red box that is shown as below.

Step 8 : Once you click the “HANA Instances” the browser will redirect the web page to the HANA Instances page as below.

Step 9 : To create a new instance click on the “Delete” button mentioned inside the red box under the below screen shot if there is a instance already existing as you are allowed to create only one instance.

Step 10 : Once you have clicked the “Delete” button the instance will be deleted and you will be able to view the screen as below.

Step 11 : To create a new trail instance click on “New Trail Instance” as shown below.

Step 12 : Once you click on “New Trail Instance” you will be able to view the below screen asking for details.

Step 13 : Enter the “Name” as ‘sage’ and click on “Save” button below.

Step 14 : Once you click ‘Save” a new Instance will be created as shown below.

Step 15 : Click on the link (SAP HANA Web-based Development Workbench) that is provided beside the “Development Tools” shown under the red box as below.

Step 16 : Once you click on the above link, the webpage will be redirected to a new window as below.

Step 17 : To view the catalog click on the down arrow mark as shown below.

Step 18 : Click on the “Catalog” option available as shown below.

Step 19 : Once you click “Catalog” the webpage will be directed to a new window which displays the below page.

Step 20 : To execute any SQL queries select the SQL option on the left hand side as shown below.

Step 21 : Once the SQL button is clicked the SQL editor will be displayed as below.

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Please check the below attachment for the documentation.

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