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Author's profile photo Mark Pe

Quick Guide – Checklist to set ESRI in SAP Work Manager 6.1.X (WPF client and iOS client)

As a proactive effort by SAP Global support to provide quick guides and assistance to our SAP Work Manager customers, I have added a quick guide or checklist in setting up the ESRI mapping tool built-in SAP Work Manager 6.1.X (in SAP Mobile Platform – SMP 3.0).


The goal of this quick checklist is to simplify the requirements in setting ESRI up for a WPF client and to easily find the solution via the SAP Community Network (SCN or the Online community via your favorite browser) instead of digging through multiple release notes and multiple SAP Work Manager manuals.


Most of these Quick Start Guides or Checklist reviewed multiple support tickets, QA tricks and request for help from the SAP Community Network (SCN discussions) to enhanced our documentation.


See Quick Guide: How to set ESRI Map when it is not rendering in SAP Work Manager 6.1.X WPF Client (Location tab empty) – KBA # 2071498.


# You may need to access your SAP account to properly view the KBA link above.

# For IOS clients the designer may need to brand the iOS clients with the ESRI libraries (assumption is that the customer has ESRI license) to properly work (Customers may need an Apple computer to brand Agentry iOS clients). SAP services can be contracted here.

Users are expected to setup the SAP back-end add-on. Please set it up prior to following the Quick Guide above (please read any special mandatory patches as discussed below).



Additional Information/Troubleshooting:


  • A black icon on the GIS/ESRI map (either a point or a line image) stands for multiple objects (ex: Equipment) that has the same location or address
    • Users can click on it and see the data


Example: Linear Assets that have shared location (icon to be colored black)



Swiping the screen (equipment) to the left showed the second equipment on the same location (picture below):





  • A linear asset (example picture above) shows as a line while a point shows as a point icon (Each different color corresponds to either a Notification, Work order, Equipment or others). A black color is multiple objects that share a location on the map (overlap).



  • The SAP-WM-6.1-SDKInstallation.pdf is the main document that explains the details of installing the needed drivers on the Agentry client
    • See example picture:




Additional References (including iOS Devices):


  • OpenUI Framework Installation Instructions
  • ArcGIS Installation Instructions
  • SAP Work Manager SDK (GIS and VE) document (SAPWM61-SDKInstallation.pdf – main document on installing the ESRI dll)
  • SAP KBA # 2239489 – How to take the GPS coordinates on the device in Agentry / SMP 3.0
  • Integrate GIS libraries in SAP Work Manager – iOS
  • SAP KBA # 2332906 – ArcGIS (ESRI) Unable to retrieve geo spatial data from SAP Work Manager 6.2 for Agentry iOS clients
  • SAP KBA # 2267006 – Missing Work Order Details in embedded ESRI Map
  • SAP KBA # 2301939 – GPS Locaiton Services not working on iPhone
  • SAP Note # 2413010 – App Transport Security Policy requires secure connection (Used for Apple iOS 10.X or iOS 10.2 new security limitation for mobile application that relies on https – prevents the use of Google maps when used with https)
  • SAP KBA # 2443062 – GIS Maps do not appear on application when running iOS 10 (i.e. code signing changes in IOS 10)
  • SAP SCN thread # 107255 – The base map service is not available – Please check your settings (PREF_ARCGIS_RUNTIMECLIENTID and PREF_BAEMAP_URL_STREET – cannot be found in Work Manager 6.4)


If you have any feedback, we could use it to further enhance our products or documentation. Rating each of the Quick Start Guide will help us understand if you need more of it.


Best Regards,

Mark Pe

SAP Platinum Support Engineer (Mobility)

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      Author's profile photo Stephen Kringas
      Stephen Kringas

      Hi Mark,

      Am I able to email you regarding an issue with the iOS client build / ESRI Integration? I'm following the official documentation but couldn't the maps to appear in my custom client.

      I've prepared a document which I'd like to email you showing the steps that I've used to build the client.



      Author's profile photo Mark Pe
      Mark Pe
      Blog Post Author

      For IOS client build, you will need to make sure that you brand your iOS Client with the ESRI required files as part of your install. The main documentation on the SDK tied to ESRI speaks about this. You will need to make sure your company is a licensed ESRI user (As far as I understand, you will get the needed files from ESRI or your company when licensed with ESRI can get all of these required files) + you need to know how to brand an Agentry client using a MAC computer to generate an official IOS Client that can show the maps. Also iOS Map on the Agentry client needs to make sure that you enabled location service on the client. You also need to make sure you have no firewall issue to access from your IPAD externally.

      Our very own internal SAP IOS Agentry client is pre-configured with ESRI as we have development license only. We cannot give this client directly to the customer as the customer will need to have their own licensed ESRI files. This is how it was explained to me. The main document on GIS ESRI integration for iOS should explain this. Our own SAP Internal IPAD also uses both internal and external connection for testing. We connect internally to sync with the server but we connect to a different WiFi server to get access to the internet and get the mapping (Firewall issue).

      For offline connectivity, you have the option (on the client - one of the setup button) to take a snapshot from the client to save just the map on the screen before you go offline.  Online connection can have the ability to see the map in real time.

      For example, you may check out the KBA article (2071498) I specified above as I have recently updated it with pictures.

      Hope this helps.

      Mark Pe

      SAP Senior Support Engineer (Mobility)

      Author's profile photo Stephen Kringas
      Stephen Kringas

      Thanks Mark.

      Following the the SDK / Installation guides for the ESRI iOS client build I still can't get it working. Below is a detailed doc showing the exact steps I've followed -


      I know the ESRI system and Mobile Add-on are configured correctly because we successfully used the pre-built Agentry iOS client from SAP to demo the ESRI maps.

      Also I'm able to get the basic ESRI application that comes with the ESRI iOS SDK running on my Mac.

      I'm not sure what the problem is; I've tried multiple tweaks to the client build with no success.

      Are you able to assist?



      Author's profile photo Mark Pe
      Mark Pe
      Blog Post Author


      Did you try it on an actual iPAD or just a simulator? Anyway, if you need more assistance here, I suggest you to open an SAP Support ticket under component MOB-SYC-SAP so we can open a communication channel with our iOS team (as an added resource) to do the analysis on your Mac environment. Please attach the document you have above so the processor will know how to assist.



      Author's profile photo Bill Froelich
      Bill Froelich

      You may want to post your question as a new topic as well so it will get more visibility and I will also try to assist.


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hello, Mark--

      I m not able to see the business objects/feature layer in the menu, do you can have any lead what may cause that?

      As a separate note, I have an issue with the Agentry client that crashed when I enabled the locations tab. the reason was that the version of dllsI deployed were not aligned, I has to make sure I m getting the right component version.



      Author's profile photo Bill Froelich
      Bill Froelich


      You may want to post your question as a new topic as well so it will get more visibility and I will also try to assist.


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Fouad,

      Can you please highlight what exactly was the issue? Which dll was not right? We are facing similar issue and its been a nightmare integrating esri gis with Work manager.

      Author's profile photo abhishek sharma
      abhishek sharma

      Hi Mark,

      I am trying to enable WM-ESRI integration but I have encountered few issues. Based on my experience so far, I have a few questions/comments on Work Manager ESRI integration.

      Security between WM and ESRI server:

      I was able to get WM-ESRI Integration to work on a windows client but we had to configure ZERO authentication ESRI URLs in config panel. However, as per my company’s policy we can not use unsecured URLs to read the map data from ESRI server.

      Can you explain how does the security/authentication works between WM and ESRI?

      How does the security needs to be set up for WM-ESRI Integration to work on mobile devices that are outside company’s network?

      Do we need to do custom development to handle the security aspect?

      This is a very crucial part that needs be addressed but I did not find this mentioned in any of the standard documentations on ESRI integration.


      Building GIS client:

      • Per SAP’s standard documentation, for mobile devices we need to rebuild the agentry client with custom GIS controls. The instructions given by SAP still talks about old SDK and it may not be supported by the latest versions of IOS/Android.  We rebuilt an IOS client, per instructions given by SAP, but we couldn’t even see the base maps in location tab.
      • Also from a future maintenance perspective how are we going to deal with version upgrades from IOS and Android.

      In a nutshell, the standard documentation says that the ESRI integration works out of the box but apparently we need to do some additional work there to get this to work.

      Please let me know if I am missing something here. I will greatly appreciate your inputs on this.