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Maximizing the Customer Experience: The Anti-Churn Remedy

In a recent study by Intelligence, Telco industry professionals rated enhancing the customer experience as the most important function of their commerce platform.

Why? They know a desirable user experience wins customers and helps reduce the every-present churn threat – and creating this kind of experience is a critical market differentiator.

The fact is that customers now expect a seamless, highly personalized interaction that is tailored to their needs in the moment.  To produce such an experience, communication service providers (CSPs) need a consistent, integrated, and effective interface across every consumer channel, whether it’s online or offline, in a store or on the phone.

What they need is an Omni-channel commerce management solution that is purpose built for the Telco industry.

Addressing the customers’ needs everywhere and at all times

A multichannel commerce system allows CSPs to consolidate their sales, management, and service channels into a single platform that puts the customer first.  However, the Telco industry has unique needs.  Relying on a general commerce platform cannot support the complexity that CSPs deal with in their commerce activities.  A purpose-built, Omni-channel solution needs to have:

  • The resiliency to support complex inventories, contract offerings, and billing analyses
  • Heavy-lifting functionality that can handle an endless combination of phones and plans, along with configuration requirements and all kinds of pricing (such as fixed, subscription-based, and usage-based)
  • The scalability to manage the fast provisioning of voice, data, digital gaming, and other over-the-top services, such as video streaming and cloud services

The bottom line?  This kind of approach helps CSPs drive revenue, reduce costs, increase customer retention, and generate a competitive advantage.

To learn more about Omni-channel commerce management in the Telco industry, plan on attending this informative live webinar on September 25, 2014.  Visit this link to register now.

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