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Improving SCN with Real Time Insights

SCN Dynamic Survey Pilot Coming to North American Users

Keep Calm.PNGAs you may or may not know, the SCN Community Experience Team strives to gain insights and opinions from community members to ensure that we are providing a positive experience for you, our visitors and members. Typically, we listen to your thoughts and opinions through feedback at events, direct emails, publications, messages, and our annual survey to improve community offerings. We want to take every opportunity to hear your voices so that we can continuously improve.

Since your opinions are so important to us, we’ve decided to try a new approach to collect your feedback. With this new approach we can gather your opinions in real time and improve the community faster than ever before!

Run Simple

We have a new survey tool that lets us capture your feedback, when you are ready to provide it – as soon as you have an experience on our site. The tool also provides real time analytics to help us react more quickly to improve the community experience. All you have to do is respond when you get the “pop-up” prompt.

Keeping it Real

Hate the thought of “pop up surveys”? You can just select the option to never be asked again and that question will no longer come your way. By the way, this is a pilot, and we will be evaluating whether you see this as a good vehicle to provide feedback, or something that should not be continued. Know that our goal in launching dynamic surveys is to receive and respond to your opinions much more quickly. The goal is to target questionnaires to appropriate audiences with questions pertaining to what they are doing at the time. We promise not to bombard. You have the option to opt out any time you are prompted to give feedback.

What’s Next?

We will launch our North American pilot in late Q4. This pilot will be a new way to conduct the annual net promoter score survey. Our go-live date is pending approval from data privacy at the moment. So look for more information on our launch within the coming week.

One of the most important things to us is your opinion, so please feel free to comment and ask questions. We look forward to hearing your thoughts and working with you to improve SCN. Stay tuned for more information on the North America pilot and subsequent global launch pending success in North America.


I am happy to announce that the Qualtrics survey pilot will launch today, December 15th in North America.

Based on your comments below, we’ve made a few changes to include your preferences:

  1. The survey will have a “close” button in the top right hand corner. When you close the survey, it will not reappear.
  2. However, if you decide that you do want to answer our survey questions at a later date, you will have an opportunity to do so via a “feedback” link on the left hand side of the page. This button will appear automatically and it will not appear on top of any SCN content. It will appear in the page margin.            *Please note, the button will not appear until you leave your current page.
  3. Once we’ve acquired all approvals for data privacy, we will launch surveys globally. We hope to do so in Q1 2015.

Krysten Gentile

SAP Community Experience Manager

Keep Calm.PNG
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  • Krysten, thanks for the heads-up. Just curious – how would you identify North America demographics, by IP address or by the profile information? Also for the last survey we got a badge, is there any incentive for this survey?

    • Hi Jelena,

      We can identify North American demographics by geo location. As for incentives, we do have the capability to award badges in future. 🙂 Once the pilot is deemed successful, we will begin discussions with the SCN Gamification team to see if we can create badges and/or missions around surveys. Hope this helps!


  • Hello Krysten,

    […]You can just select the option to never be asked again and that question will no longer come your way.


    You have the option to opt out any time you are prompted to give feedback.[…]

    And how can we opt in again, if we change our minds later?

    Also it sounds like this is not meant to be for us to use actively, but passively when the system decides it wants to have some feedback.

    Are there plans to enhance the tool with the possibility to call it up ourselves, when we see the need for feedback?



    • Hi Steffi,

      When a user clicks on the option to “never be asked that question again”, there is not a way for the user to bring that survey back on their own. However, I do see opportunity for members to call upon the tool themselves in order to provide feedback on-demand. I will incorporate this suggestion into our next steering committee call. We’d love to get your feedback actively, we just need to ensure that we have the proper resources in place to analyze and act on that feedback 🙂 .

      Hope this helps!


      • Hello Krysten,

        thank you for the details!

        That sounds a lot like “Either you give us the feedback all the time or you can never give us feedback again”. I know we’re in IT, but that’s a bit heavy on the “1 and 0″s side.

        What if I click the deactivate-button by accident? Think about the poor tablet users, where the pages love to jump around. One click and I can never give feedback again. 🙁

        I think, there should be an option added to the user preferences in the profile, where we can enable or disable this survey participation ourselves (you could just enable it by default). This would make the user experience much better IMO. 

        Nontheless, even with all those questions I have, I’m looking forward to the results of the pilot phase. 🙂



        • I agree this could be clicked by accident. Wouldn’t it be possible to manage this through some profile privacy option? You’d have to flag the user somehow in order to never show the message, so why not give the users an option to “unflag” themselves? I hope it’s not one of those strange Jive limitations…

          • Hi Steffi, Jelena,

            Good points. We can incorporate a link on the page where the survey appears in case you accidentally close the survey or decide you want to answer that particular survey at a later date. When you click that link, it will take you to that survey.

            In addition to this link, we can also include an option to “ask me again later”. Then the survey would appear after a certain amount of time goes by.

            Also, in terms of mobile devices we can create a separate creative that is built specifically for mobile devices, hence easier to click and answer. However, this option would push a survey to both your mobile device and your computer. This could potentially annoy some members. What are your thoughts?

            Lastly, great idea on flagging via profile privacy options. However, the survey tool is separate from Jive.

  • Sounds good, Krysten! I think that would help with the usebility.

    I don’t know about the duplicated surveys for mobile users, though. If the same thing appears on the other device, after I already answered it on the first, that would indeed by annoying.

    Maybe you can find a way to include the helpful on/off switch, even though it’s a different platform. I won’t mind a link in the profile to a small extra survey options page, if it means I have the control about seeing the surveys popup or not. 🙂

  • Hi Kavindra,

    The reason that we are not inviting the rest of the world at this time is because 1) it is a pilot and 2) European Data Privacy rules require us to get approval from our own internal Data Privacy Office prior to launching world wide. SAP is working on that now. Hopefully the pilot will go well and DPO will approve. Then we can use this more broadly.

  • Note to all – We do intent to pilot with a net promoter score survey, similar to the annual survey we’ve conducted in the past. However, this version of the survey is not gamified, meaning that there are no points and badges associated with it at this time.

    • Hi Miles- thank you for joining! We are actually in the process of opening Qualtrics to the rest of the world, and hope that we can gather global insights very soon. There are some additional data privacy laws in Europe and other countries that require some additional approvals. I’ll be sure to let you know once we have the rights to go global!