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What is New in SAP NW 7.4 Support Package Stack 08 for SAP Fiori Launchpad in SAP Portal?

The latest release of SAP NetWeaver 7.4 Support Package Stack 08 (and the corresponding release NW 7.31 SP13 and) contains the following features and changes in SAP Fiori launchpad running in SAP Enterprise Portal:

No Activation of Theme Designer Necessary Anymore

Previously, to allow SAP Fiori launchpad to run on the portal, administrators had to activate the UI Theme Designer (switch to LESS). This prerequisite is no longer relevant. Administrators only need to perform this switch if they want to customize a portal theme using the UI Theme Designer and then run SAP Fiori Launchpad on Portal using the customized theme. Checkout also note 2036827 – Enable FLP on EP to run also without LESS structure.

Personalization of Groups

Until the last release end users could not create or manage groups in the SAP Fiori launchpad. Starting from NetWeaver 7.4 SPS8 (and NetWeaver 7.31 SPS13), users can create and remove groups and arrange content/tiles in their home page according to a group personalization.

This image shows how a group can be created by an end user (click on image for better reading):


Here you see, how a tile is added to a group (click on image for better reading):


Run SAP Fioir Wave 2 Applications using New SAP Fiori iView Template

Starting with NetWeaver 7.4 SPS8  (and corresponding release NW 7.31 SPS13) you can run Fiori wave 2+ transactional applications using the new “SAP Fiori iView” template. These iViews can then be run as tiles in SAP Fiori launchpad on Portal or as standalone applications. By using this iView, you will be able to call a specific Fiori application running on an ABAP back-end system and run it within the portal framework.


  • Your Enterprise Portal version is:
    • 7.3 EHP 1 SPS13 and above
    • 7.4 SPS08 and above
  • Your back-end server has SAP Fiori launchpad SPS08 or above
  • You have made sure that both the portal server and the ABAP server can be reached via the same URL (including the server name). This can be achieved by using a SAP Web Dispatcher.

In this image you can see, how you select the SAP Fiori iView template in order to create an iView based on this template:


For a detailed description how to integrate SAP Fiori wave 2 applications into SAP Portal, read Ido Fishler’s blog.

Watch also this video showing the configuration for the integration of SAP Fiori wave 2 apps into Enterprise Portal and how to run them on Fiori launchpad with SAP Enterprise Portal:

For lower versions of SAP Fiori, you must still create an SAP UI5 iView by copying the relevant application from the Portal Applications GPAL repository. For a more detailed description on how to integrate SAP Fiori wave 1 apps, read this blog by Irena Kull.

For more information, see:

  • SAP Help Documentation:

What is new in SAP Fiori launchpad?

SAP Fiori launchpad on Portal

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  • Hello

    Fiori iview is not available on my SAP EP 7.40 SP07 and we need to upgrade our database from SQL2008 to SQL2012 and it is a major change

    Is there another way, to have Fiori iview or integrate SAP Fiori LP with SAP UI5 iview ?



    • Hi Bertrand!

      Infortunately there is no way in SPS 07. In 7.4 SP8 we have developed the mechanism to render SAP Fiori standalone apps and Fiori launchpad on ABAP through the Portal. It is not possible to do it in SP7.



  • Hi Vera,

    I loved to hear that the LESS flag is not needed anymore for using the FLP.

    Are you planning to change the prerequisites for integrating wave 2+ apps? I am really concerned about the following:

    • You have made sure that both the portal server and the ABAP server can be reached via the same URL (including the server name). This can be achieved by using a SAP Web Dispatcher.

    This prerequisite may result in an architectural change and/or makes it quite complicated to integrate wave 2+ Fiori apps in the portal.

    I am curious. What’s the technical reason for it?

    Thanks a lot. Best regards


  • Hi,

    Thanks for Sharing the info. Reg. LESS it’s little confusing, we have created a custom theme using theme designer, but when we turn off the LESS the theme is completely white and work only if LESS is configured. So, do it mean if we need to use custom theme created using theme designer we have to enable LESS.

    We have a Customized Theme for ESS for  Desktop user and it doesn’t work in LESS. Is there a way to use normal theme and edit it to use for Fiori without LESS? 



    • Hi Yusuf,

      in order to theme Fiori applications and the Fiori Framework Page the  theming tool is the UI Theme Designer. You must switch to LESS mode in order to both create and use the theme you created. If you “switch off” the LESS mode the themes created with the Theme Designer will not be available for you.

      If you have a theme created in the old structure (not the LESS mode) you can export the theme, and after switching to LESS import it, then it will be migrated to the new (LESS) structure and you will be able to edit it using the Theme Designer.

      Hope that helps.