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PowerBuilder 12.6 eval available

Hi everyone

The eval is available in the SAP store – please find it here for download and thanks for your patience!


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  • At the top pageof PowerBuilder Developer Center it says “45-day limited trial” and the Insall Manual says “The Evaluation license allows you to install PowerBuilder for 30 days, for evaluation purposes only. Which is right 30days or 45days?

  • He he.  Each day, SAP gets a new way to ridiculize itself! 😛

    From my own installation :

    “Install date – 23 september 2014

    Grace expires – 23 october 2014″

    I hope that the support period for PB will not be computed that way… 😈

  • I can’t install it on my pc , Can’t figure out why ,

    it installed SQL anywhere ,info maker successfully , and then installer will start with Powerbuilder and install-wizard window disappears but shows down in task-bar  !! , it is running but just not showing the install wizard ,

    tried ALT+TAB but still same ,

    Iam using Windows 7 32bit , having PB11.5 installed already .

    Did anyone has a similar issue or it’s my OS problem ?

    • I’m having the same issue with the install, gets to the powerbuilder portion of the install, acts like it’s starting up the install but nothing ever happens.

      I’m on windows 8.1 64 bit with no previous version of PB installed.

      I’m sure it will probably install on another PC, but I really don’t want to install it on another PC, I would like to install it on the one that won’t work.

  • I thought everyone should know that Sue is no longer with SAP as of last week.  She has chosen to pursue other opportunities.

    I for one wish to thank her for her tireless efforts on the behalf of PowerBuilder and the PB community.

    Good luck and godspeed.

    • “Tireless” doesn’t begin to describe the efforts Sue put forth on behalf of PB and the PB community, both at Sybase and SAP.  Her departure is a huge loss, and we all wish her well in her new endeavor.

      No decisions have been made on a permanent replacement, but John Strano and I will be splitting many of her PM duties in the meantime.


    • Hi Zhang;

        The PB Community were promised that we would see a new road-map before the end of 2014. In case no one has noticed .. its now 2015!   😉

      Regards … Chris

      • The PB Community were promised that we would see a new road-map before the end of 2014.

        When were we told that and by who?  I don’t recall such a promise.

        • I searched this forum and all I could find was that on February 6, 2013 Sue said:

          “We know that people are anxious for a roadmap, and we will have one available soon.”

          She also said it would be similar to the one from September 2012 that Bruce posted in this forum.

          Sue may have made other references to the roadmap but I am certain that she always said “soon” and never gave a date for anything, including roadmap updates.