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Payroll processing in background using report RPCSC000 (Scheduler for Parallel Accounting)


In any organization, payroll processing comprises of various tasks which may be lengthy and time consuming. To automate the payroll process (complete or in parts), various options have been provided by SAP which can help the business to execute the processes in the background and view the results at a later point of time. Some of the options which have been provided by SAP to schedule payroll process in background are listed as below, However, the current document will focus on payroll processing using report RPCSC000 (Scheduler for Parallel Accounting)

  1. Parallel processing using report RPCSC000
  2. Schedule background jobs
  3. Using payroll calendar
  4. Process Model

PARALLEL PROCESSING – RPCSC000 (Scheduler for Parallel Accounting)

Consider an example of an organization wherein payroll is supposed to be run for a large number of employees. For the purpose of understanding, we will take the example of executing payroll process for US in simulation mode. To reduce the time of payroll processing, we can use parallel payroll processing for employees using report RPCSC000. This report is exclusively used for payroll and is used to split the personnel numbers into several background jobs and then process each job in parallel. However, to execute this report there are certain prerequisites which must be followed, the details for which are shared as below:

  1. Defining symbolic name for each payroll program in table T596F.
  2. Defining suitable variant name for each of the above programs.


The entries for table T596F are pre-populated from SAP side and we should not make any changes to this table. However, it is important to check that the symbolic name is available for the payroll program of the country for which we want to execute payroll. In our example, we are executing payroll process for US and as can be seen, the symbolic name is available for the US payroll program (RPCALCU0).


In this step we need to create a unique variant for our payroll program that will be used in the scheduler for payroll processing. Since we are executing the payroll process in simulation mode, the check box for ‘test run’ has been checked.

To create a variant, go the program, key in entries and click on ‘save as’ button. In the subsequent screen, you can give the name of your variant.

  • Program– RPCALCU0
  • Variant – REGSIM MG

To create the variant, go to the program and key in the required entries.

Click on ‘save’ icon and it will display the below screen; enter the variant name and short description and click on save icon again to save the variant.


Once we have updated the table and created the variant, we can schedule the background jobs using the scheduler report. The given report provides the option to define the number of personnel numbers / jobs that need to be executed at the background.


Go to tcode SA38 – > RPCSC000

Key in the details in the report and execute it. You can also give the short title for the jobs that will be scheduled at background. Once the jobs have been scheduled at the background, the report will generate the log which will provide the below information:

  • Date and time of the individual program steps
  • Error messages
  • Warnings
  • Job list – Thiswill give the overview of generated background processes

Program Log

Job list as shown in bottom screen of the program log of scheduler


The list / status / spool of the scheduled payroll jobs can be checked via SM37


Job Spool

The spool log will display the statistics of processing. Errors, if any, will also be displayed in the log.

Final statistics

Similarly log can be seen for rest of the payroll jobs.

PS: Per the below source RPCSC000 is no longer maintained by SAP. However, there are still some clients which are using this report to split and perform parallel payroll processing –

Any feedback / inputs are most welcome !!

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