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Troubleshooting: Unable to add SAP AS Java in NWDS

Problem Faced:

Unable to add SAP AS Java in NWDS.

I had a scenario wherein I have to deploy a custom adapter module. Traditional way of doing it is by registering the SAP instance and then deploying the EAR file on the desired server.

But, when I tried to register the SAP instance by giving Instance host name and instance number and clicking OK, nothing happened. When I entered a wrong host instance name or a wrong instance number the NWDS showed me an error message. Otherwise, if everything is correct, it just closes the popup window and returns to the SAP AS Java initial screen with no system on it.

When I tried deploying the module without registering the SAP Instance, NWDS showed NullPointerException.



1. Stop the server

2. Open DEAFULT.PLF file in “/usr/sap/(SID)/SYS/profile”

3. Set the parameter “service/protectedwebmethods” to DEFAULT


4. Restart the server

In most of the projects, BASIS team will have the access to above mentioned directory. Asking BASIS team to perform the above activity is recommended.

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