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SAP HANA Idea Incubator – SCN Search categorization

Hi Friends,

I firstly like to thank SCN for providing me this opportunity to express our Ideas.

I have got an Idea on how to make Search in SCN more user friendly and quicker.

When a user searches for a question within SCN network, the search results be categorized as

  • A-Marked Answered(Green)

  • H-Marked Helpful(Yellow)

  • N- Not answered(RED)

  • P – Partially Answered(Blue)

Image is uploaded as below to make the idea more understandable.


SAP has data for all the queries posted on its network.

And also has data if the query is marked as answered or not. If both the data can be clubbed and showed when user searches a query, user will be able to save time at looking the Search category Answered first and moving on to next likely helpful category.

My Idea link : SCN Search categorization : View Idea

Feedback is appreciated.

Thanks and Regards,

Anil Supraj

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