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Latest in Employee Central Integration – Side by Side distributed scenario

The August release of SuccessFactors saw several functionalities being released for Employee Central. Together with enhancements for Employee Central, we also released new functionality for integration. This is a preview of the side by side distributed scenario integration between Employee Central and SAP HCM before the webinar on September 24-th (see the end of the article or this registration link for more details).

Initially our integration started with Talent Hybrid related functionality. Subsequently we built the integration of SAP ERP and Employee Central. With the 1408 release, we now have the capability to run Employee Central in parallel with the SAP HCM system our customers might have already deployed.


Leverage the current investments in SAP HCM while transitioning to the cloud at your own pace

We have customers who would like to make initial steps into the cloud with talent as well as with Core HR on Employee Central.  There are different scenarios that we see here:

  • Some customers would like to move to cloud over a longer term
  • Some have very stable HR processes built over long duration on their SAP HCM and do not want to replace their system completely and yet would like to experience the innovations on the cloud
  • Some are happy with the SAP HCM in some of their countries and are looking for a system for other countries – yet, they would like to have one global workforce overview and a seamless user experience
  • Yet other countries who have just acquired companies, would like to incorporate these new companies into their HR landscape and without effort get an overview of the complete workforce

Most of these companies do not want to rip and replace their existing SAP HCM system which serves their purpose well or do not want to disturb existing well established processes. They would like to complement this with a cloud system and yet have an overview of their complete global workforce. Typically, neither do they want their users to switch between systems nor should the users have different access points or a break in the process.

In order to address several of the feedback above, our team has brought out the side by side distributed scenario integration between Employee Central and SAP HCM.

Side by side distributed scenario for Employee Central Integration

Side by side distributed scenario is the one where we connect the Employee Central and SAP HCM system together – this would mean that a company could have SAP HCM already deployed in some countries and will implement Employee Central for some of the remaining countries.


The employees in the new countries (US, Canada in the above example) will have all master data created and changed in Employee Central – and all their HR processes will run in Employee Central.

The employees in those countries on SAP HCM (Germany in the above example), will continue to have their data created or changed in SAP HCM leveraging the existing stable processes of SAP HCM.

So how can there be single global workforce view?

With the 1408 release, we provide the integration that enables all employees to be viewed within the same team as one! We enable, through the integration, that the search has a global overview – when you search for an employee, his details are available irrespective of which system his record is mastered in. Thus when someone wants an overview of a team or search for people within the workforce, it is just a click away irrespective of where the data comes from.


So why do I say there is no different access points?

We have planned a user experience integration as well (current on public beta program – the functionality will be generally available in the next releases).

The employees in SAP HCM will be replicated into Employee Central where their replicated data is available.

Using this data, their information can be viewed via Employee Central. If there are any changes to their information or if any HR processes need to be run on behalf of these employees, the managers will be able to launch these changes or processes from Employee Central. This will trigger the SAP HCM related processes which can then be launched. With the single sign on and other capabilities, the user does not even have to leave the context. It will all be a few clicks away without having to switch systems, screens.

So where can I get more information on this:

  • Webinar planned: On 24-th of September, we have planned our first in a series webinar with our Product Management team. Bianka Woelke talks to Jyoti Sharma and Luke Marson to introduce our side by side distributed scenario. She will additionally talk about the planned user experience Jyoti and Luke will provide their feedback on the topics as well. Please register here for more information.

    The date: 24-th September, 17:00 – 18:00 Central European Time, 11:00 – 12:00 EST – More information and registration link can be found at the above link.

  • Service Marketplace: Our implementation handbook is available as well at this link.
  • Please stay tuned on scn for more information about further webinars being planned and for recordings on webinars.

Finally, we have several customers of SAP HCM who are beginning to transition into cloud with Employee Central and utilizing standard integrations with SAP ERP. We already provide Employee Central to SAP ERP integration and are happy to add to this with the side by side integration.

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