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To have an overview of data volume in order to check and control the growth of data in BW system.

An report to serve following purpose:

  • Analytical & flexible report to check periodic growth of data
  • To check the components contributing the the growth
  • Report for periodic house keeping activity & migration projects
  • Alert report in case disk space consumption has reached a defined limit

In all previous version of BW this data was available in several transactions like DB02, ST03, in some underlying tables like :DB6TREORG etc and via API’s.

However with SAP-7.3 release the technical content was enhanced for such analysis by providing the option to load this data into BW data models in conventional manner to facilitate flexible/multidimensional view of mentioned data.


To use the new technical content the BW system has to be on SAP7.3 environment and install latest BI content version.

Following are the BI content activation steps required to activate the relevant data stream:

Step 1: Log in to BW system and Trnx: RSA1 -> BI Content tab

Step 2: Maintain the following settings:

               Source system Assignment : Local BW system (Myself BW system)

               Collection Mode                  : Automatically

               Grouping                            : In data flow before & afterwards.

Step 3: Expand the Multiprovider section from Object type panel and select/double click the option: “Select Objects”

Step 4: On the new small window select the binocular search button and type in : 0TCT_MC25 as displayed in following image:

Step 5: After selecting the mentioned row select the button “Transfer selections” from left bottom of the window

Step 6: Then select the Multiprovider and its subsequent objects and select the “Install” button as displayed:

Step 7: This will install all the objects required for data loading to the infocube and the reports on top of multiprovider

Step 8: Make a init data load for the infocube: 0TCT_C25. Please note the following relevant objects for the data flow:

            Multiprovider  : 0TCT_MC25

            Infocube        : 0TCT_C25

            Datasource    : 0TCT_DS25 (The data source is delta enabled)

Step 9: Automate the data load in process chain to load data on a periodic manner to store the history.


Technical content provides wide range of flexible reporting on the data, few of them are following:

1) 0TCT_MC25_Q0103: BI Objects Size Overview  :- This report provides an overview of data in various table space in BW system. like following example:


2) 0TCT_MC25_Q0105 : BW DB Usage: Monthly Overview : This report provides an overview about the growth of data in BW system. like following:


3) 0TCT_MC25_Q0205 : BI Data Distribution By Table Types : This report provides an overview of data based on table types in the system as :


Technical content too provides rich set of characteristics to analyze the statistical data from various aspects like : Data allocation based on Infoareas, Application Component, Top 10 tables in system.


These reports can be scheduled over broadcaster and sent to desired user groups in order to have consistent periodic overview of the system growth.

Exception alerts can be set on the queries which would be broadcasted when the disk space consumption has reached certain defined limits.

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  1. Former Member

    Hi Ashish,

    Useful document. zero records from datasource after activating the above steps, how to populate datasource 0TCT_DS25 ? we are using DB6 database not in Oracle.thanks.

    1. Ashish K Post author

      Hi Sivaram

      Please confirm if you are trying to load the data as Full during your first execution as the infopackage installed through business content version is probably set to “Delta” mode.

      As I know the data extraction is DB independent thus it will retrieve data from relevant tables, as a mater of fact we too are using DB6 and I was able to get the data.

      Do post your findings upon completion of the full load it will help to find the issue if any persists.



      1. Former Member

        The default info package is Full, i get the below error “Object RSFHGEN2 of class RE and language EN does not exist” while executing from RSA3 with 0 records.

        1. Ashish K Post author

          Hi Sivaram

          I did try the extraction on a different system and there too it went fine.

          Upon some Google I found that the program : RSFHGEN2 is used in general by extractors thus probably something to do with the version of program due to service pack.


  2. Former Member

    Hi Ashish,

    Thanks for sharing this document. When i’m trying to install the Multprovider as you mentioned above, it got installed only Multiprovider (0TCT_MC25) and InfoCube (0TCT_C25), and DataSource is not installed, even i find out manually in Business Content still not able to get in Business Content. System Details SAP Bw 7.3 SP 12 and Database  Oracle

    Please suggest.


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